Tips to Boost IELTS Writing Test Score—Sentence Formation, Coherence More

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For many of the candidates, writing the test is the most difficult task, in this article, we talk about what you should do to get through it. In general, the scores in the IELTS writing module are the lowest among all IELTS modules for Nepalese students. For most students, writing tests is responsible for the overall score of IELTS in Nepal. Here are some tips for you that will surely help you excel in the IELTS writing test without any difficulty and increase your overall score in the IELTS test.

Equal Concentration

At the time of preparation, most of the students focus more on IELTS Reading, IELTS Speaking, or Listening. They do not pay much attention to IELTS Writing. In some cases, this also happens that the students take exercises that are used up with the speaking tasks. This results in the improvement of speaking skills, but not writing skills. Therefore, it is necessary to pay an equal amount of concentration to writing too.

Linking sentences/maintaining coherence

Linking one sentence with the other sentence is very important. Each and every sentence should match the topic. Essays or letters which lack incoherence are not scored well. If you would like to increase the score, then focus on creating a letter or an essay that truly describes the requirements. For this purpose, understanding the task and thinking a little about what to include and what not is necessary. Do not just start writing without thinking or proper planning. This will produce unrelated sentences, and it will not bring a good score for you.

  • Make use of adverbs (such as adding, Firstly, Therefore, Finally, Moreover, However etc)
  • Make use of the coordinating, subordinating, correlative conjunctions (such as For, And, But, Yet, Although, As long as, Because, as/as, such/that, scarcely/when etc)
  • Make use of the right synonyms (Do not make use of the same words again and again. This will affect total word-length. The examiner might not consider your write-up to be a good one and may not give you a good score.
  • Replace basic vocabulary with relevant words (for instance, Such As = Like, To Get = Receive, Obtain, Acquire, To Help = Support, Aid etc.)

Changing the order of the sentences

While writing you may not get enough time to shuffle your sentences. So, be very careful what you write. Keeping the sentences in the right order is very important. If you write something with wrong order then you may lose marks. Therefore, write with all concentration.

Creating more emphasis with the right word order

Before you write anything focus more on how better you can create them or join them together.

Look at the example given below. There are two sentences.

Education gives you the life skills to lead a better life. Education improves your quality of life with better job or career.

To create a more positive impact, we can join these two sentences as given below:

Not only does education gives you the life skills to lead a better life, but it also improves your quality of life with better job or career.

There is certainly a big difference in the first two sentences and the sentence that is the combination of the two sentences. If you can develop the skills to conjoin two different sentences in the right way then you can certainly manage to get through your writing test with a good band score. It must be said that the use of sophisticated sentences or the most advanced forms of sentences is necessary for a good score).

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