8 Tools to Increase Your Productivity

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Many are the times you experience too many days of work only to realize that you have not accomplished a fraction of your target. This happens especially if you do not have the necessary tools to maximize your productivity within a short period of time. If you have been facing this, feel relaxed because the following tools will help you increase your productivity within a shorter period than you can ever imagine.


Discipline is when one uses reason to determine the best course of actions regardless of one’s desires, which may be the opposite of exited. Somebody said that hard work will take you to the top, but discipline is what will keep you there. For you to be successful, you must be disciplined whether its financial discipline or any type of discipline is required to accomplish a task. Financial discipline is the most dominant type of discipline that most business persons lack.
You find that most people become extravagant when they have money and this becomes an avenue for their own downfall. Undisciplined individuals will not accomplish their goals and when they do, it will take them a lot of time to achieve results. You should train yourself to be disciplined by finding ways of creating discipline such as rewarding yourself when you accomplish a certain task.

Time Management

Masterful time management is not just task oriented, but people oriented as well. This means that you can increase the level of your success by making use of the talents of others. This helps increase your time and energy as skilled personnel’s will work effectively and yield good results within a short period of time.
You should gauge the ability of each and every one of your workers and then assign tasks to them appropriately. The skilled should be assigned the mandate of the job while the semi-skilled and the unskilled should be set to assist the skilled for maximum utilization of time and resources. Scheduling your time also helps you to assign each activity ample time for completion. It should be noted that those who try to do everything by themselves usually fail.


Multitasking is merely a state of mind and to some levels, it affects focus. There are certain tasks which can be merged together to save time, effort and to yield results within a short period of time. For instance, browsing while wringing yields better results as the information is still fresh rather than first browsing and then writing what you browsed since some content may be lost in between.
However, not all activities require multi-tasking as any demand focus and therefore single-tasking is advised. Single-tasking allows you to maintain that focus through the next task as your mind is clear. For example, texting while driving may not yield good outcomes as driving requires total concentration to avoid accidents. One should be able to know which situations to multi-task and which to single-task as both are a figment of imagination.

Make Self-Imposed Deadlines

Even if you have a lot of time in your hands, it is always advisable to limit yourself by imposing deadlines on yourself. This helps you to focus on the task you are doing and therefore spend less time on the latter. When you are working with a group of people, setting a deadline is most appropriate as some people free ride on others efforts hence reducing one’s marginal productivity. Workers also relax when they realize that they have a lot of time and keep on procrastinating.
This usually happens in open-ended tasks or projects which do not have time limits. Once the deadline is set, you should also have the self-discipline to strictly follow it. Such jobs as writing requires one to impose him or herself strict deadlines to avoid inconveniencing the client. It is always a surprise to discover how concentrated and effective one can be when he/she is watching the time.

Take Exercise Breaks

As the saying goes that work without play made Jack a dull boy, work without a break also have the same effect on productivity. One should give him/herself a break to break the monotony of work and to relax one’s mind. Workers should also be given off days to give them a chance of relaxing and recreation which is an important tool in yielding the best results. Taking exercise breaks is biologically recommended as making blood pumping will help you to clear the mind and be concentrated again.

Team Work

To increase one’s productivity, one must liaise with other people with the necessary skills to achieve more. Success comes when you connect with people to generate ideas as well as assist you in performing your tasks for quicker results. Assigning different people different tasks as per the skills they possess and create an avenue for excellence and increase productivity. Those who work in the most complex manufacturing environments have the most to gain from the use of problem-solving teams, according to a recently published study. As the name suggests, Together Everyone Achieves More

Organizational Skills

Tasks should be organized well for the purpose of utilizing resources and time. Activities should be organized in a way that work flow is achieved and also to ensure that machines used to perform the task do not remain idle for a long time. Good organization and scheduling of activities will guarantee you better results within a short period of time. Mental organizational skills also kicks in as a way of improving productivity within a short time as Many jobs demand strong focus, concentration, clear, coherent thinking, and good memory.

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Written by: Dante Munnis