All that You Need to Know About the PTE Exam and Question Format

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If you are a non-native English speaker and aiming high to study in a university of high repute overseas or planning to get settled in Australia for once and all then PTE exam may help you out. Conducted by Pearson officials, the PTE exam is one o the most dependable tool to examine the proficiency in English of a non-native speaker.

As more and more students, these days, want to explore the opportunity beyond the boundary wall, the PTE exam has garnered a lot of significance for itself since the past decade. However, to get through the PTE exam is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have proper information about the exam and question pattern to clear it with a high score. Here is everything that you should know about the PTE exam.

What is PTE Exam?

PTE or Pearson Test of English is English language proficiency tests that examine the speaking, writing, reading, and listening ability of the candidate. All these modules consist of a certain number of questions that have to be completed in 3 hours. As a whole, the exam will have 71 questions. A number of questions as per modules is subject to change.

Speaking and writing modules will be conducted in together while will be separate sessions for listening and speaking. As it is an online exam, it is mandatory that you should have some basic to advanced computer knowledge.

What do you need to do for appearing in a PTE exam?

If you want to appear in PTE then the first thing that you need to do is to book a slot with leading and trusted PTE exam centre. There are many PTE exam enters that conducts the exams online and offline mode. You can browse their website and buy the PTE exam coupon. The biggest benefit of doing so is that you can change your PTE exam schedule in case of an emergency.

Exam pattern

  • Module 1 – Speaking and writing
  • Time duration – 77-99 minutes
  • Estimated number of questions – 36-40 questions in the speaking section & 3-4 questions in writing section

This section will consist of different types of questions such as read-aloud, sentence repeat, image description, re-telling the lecture, short answers, summarize the written text, and write an essay. This section aims to check two of the major skills: speaking and writing. It is suggested that you should be careful enough towards the questions and answer them with full attention.

  • Module 2 – Reading
  • Time duration – 32-41 minutes
  • Estimated number of questions – 15-20

This section has been designed diligently to check your reading ability. It will consists of questions such as re-order paragraph, choose a single answer, choose multiple answers, multiple-choice question, choose single answer, drag, and drop fill in the blanks, and writing-based fill in the blanks.

Here, one thing is to keep in mind that there will be negative marking for multiple choice and multiple answers. So, it is suggested that you should attempt the question only if you know the answer.

You can take ten minutes to break after this section. However, it is totally optional.

  • Module 3 – Listening
  • Time duration – 45-57 minutes
  • Estimated number of questions – 17-25

The next section is listening where is the listening ability of the candidate will be checked thoroughly. Here, you have to use a microphone to listen to the said text. So, make sure that you know about it beforehand. This section will have a question such as fill in the blanks, re-phrase the paragraph, multiple-choice questions, summarize the spoken text, highlight the correct summary, select the missing word, write from dictation, and highlight the incorrect word.

In this section, you will loss mark for every wrong answer attempted to highlight the incorrect word. Thus, make sure you read the question twice and answer only if you are sure about it. Else, you will reduce your score.

How to get through the PTE exam?

PTE exam is a carefully designed exam. So, you need to be prepared accordingly. We would suggest buying online PTE exam study material and test paper to gain dexterity in each section from a trusted PTE centre. As all these tests are based upon the real-time exam pattern, it will help you out to do effective time management and perform well.

So, gear up yourself with these tips and come up with flying colors in your PTE exam. Good Luck.

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