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An insight into online Jobs in Nepal and a guide for selecting/applying for online tasks that claim to make money for you through the internet.

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A must-read guide before applying to any online jobs in Nepal. There are various options to work online and earn active/passive income. At the same time, there are various options to waste valuable time in the hope of making money. Also, there are many people who claim to teach you methods of earning a huge sum without any knowledge and effort but need to buy their service which is usually very expensive (`30,000 Rs). Almost all of them will teach you how to generate valid clicks for AdSense and sell the US approved Adsense account. Such techniques might work for a few days or months but ultimately you will be suspended by Google. So, before deciding what online job to choose, you need to do a little research over the internet to see what works and what doesn’t.

One of the most searched topics at Google in Nepal is online jobs in Nepal. This article is focused on giving detailed information about online jobs in Nepal without investment and online jobs in Nepal for students who wish to work online along with their studies.

Some of the topics covered in this article are: Online Jobs in Nepal for students | Online jobs in Nepal for students without any investments | Home based internet jobs for Nepali students | Work from home | Online Jobs except data entry and Adsense.

There are many students and youth dreaming of working from home and earning lots of money online. We get lots messages of our members who are young boys and girls about how to earn money online in Nepal, how to earn money online without any investments, how to earn passive income while studying and such. Here are a few of the most common queries and questions we get from our visitors and members:

  • online jobs in Nepal for students without investment
  • data entry jobs in Nepal without investment
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  • online jobs in Nepal that don’t require a credit card and Paypal
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  • form filling online jobs in Nepal without investment
  • social media marketing jobs in Nepal
  • online jobs in Kathmandu for students
  • Home-based jobs that can be done along with full-time day jobs for extra income
  • An online job that can be done on weekends
  • Jobs that don’t require office visits
  • Online job in Kathmandu for house wifes

While many others want to earn a few extra thousands along with their regular jobs. Online jobs and working from home are great ways to make money. But not that easy as advertised. If you type” Online jobs in Nepal” in Google search bar, you will get many websites that claim to make you rich in a month or two. We have prepared this article to guide students and teens of Nepal who get enticed by such claims and end up being frustrated and losing thousands of rupees by just APPLYING TO THE ONLINE JOBS IN NEPAL. To know what the truth behind them is and what they actually do we went to a company in Kathmandu whom we found in Google by searching “online jobs in Nepal”.They claimed us they were providing online jobs in Kathmandu since ages.

There are other similar companies who claim to provide online jobs to Students in Kathmandu. Nowadays such online job merchants are starting to show their presence in other cities like Butwal, Pokhara, Chitwan, Biratnagar and other developed cities outside the valley too.  Let’s talk about the company which we visited to know about Online Jobs in Nepal and how they help people (especially students) to earn a good sum of money working from home.Lets call the company “ABCDE” and their website “www .example .com” for example. We went to there is a student to apply for their online job in Nepal. Let’s summarize what we found:

They told me how easy is to make money, how people are making around one lakhs per month online and how this could help me to earn a lot of money without much effort. To listen to that man (probably owner) telling how he will give me ideas to earn money in Nepal online was exciting and fun at the same time.

After his telling of all this and that about online jobs in Nepal, It was my turn to ask, so I simply put my first question, how can I do that and what should I do to make money online in Nepal? Then came the interesting thing; “It will take 30,000 for the course. You have to start a blog, we will approve that blog with Google Adsense and you will earn money when anyone clicks in an ad in your blog. The course covers the Adsense approval charge, training for 15 days.”

Now let us tell you some facts about Adsense and how it is difficult to cheat the big G:

  1. Adsense is a program by google in which they display ads (banner ads) in your blog/website and when anyone clicks that ad, your balance increases. Because many people created blogs just to display ads and earn by clicking them, Google has very strict guidelines on Adsense approval. It is very much difficult (unless you have lots of helpful and original articles and follow all the guidelines and terms of google plus your contents adds value to the readers) to get Google Adsense approval unlike their claim of approving it instantly because it’s GOOGLE and it’s really difficult to cheat it or apply tricks.
  2. You can’t just simply sit and click your ads if got approval too. Google will ban your domain forever from using to Adsense.

So Please do a lot of research before handing your money to the persons who claim they will make you rich easily. You will find many people and organizations in Kathmandu who claim they were the providers of best online jobs in Nepal. They claim that they helped most of the students to earn more than 1Lakh/month who join their online Job program. We are not saying that all the companies that conduct the online job program in Nepal are frauds or you can’t make money online but we are trying to make students aware that there are lots of such people and organisations in Kathmandu who have been reaping money from students by selling the dream to make them rich in a short period of time without much effort.

Now let us discuss the main components that are regarded as forming “online jobs in Nepal”. This is a broad discussion and the list is not exclusive. Topics are selected based on the popularity in Nepal.

Adsense Jobs in Nepal (Blogging to gain revenue from Adsense program ):

Many of the students who have been looking to do an online job in Nepal might have heard/seen this term “Adsense Jobs in Nepal”. If you come across any webpage which offers you AdSense job, then you can ignore that company without a second thought unless it is Google or other companies outsourced by google. There is nothing such as “Adsense jobs”. Adsense is an advertisement program by Google where various 3rd party ads are displayed on websites. Webmasters earn revenue from each click made on the ad displayed on their website or blog. To add Adsense ads in a website, the website must first apply to Adsense program and ads will start to display after google approves the application and inserting a code in website/blog.

In this, what you do is make a blog and write articles and apply for Google Adsense program. After they approve your application, you can display ads of various businesses, websites and organizations and whenever anyone clicks the ad, your balance increases. The average rate per click ranges from Rs. 1 – Rs.100 per click. The clicks also depend on from which country’s audience it is clicked/viewed. For example, the click from US, Canada, Uk is far higher than that from Nepal, India, China.

Start your own blog for free and start monetization

If you are good at writing and can give a sufficient amount of time, you can register a name for free at or and start your blog in no time. After your blog starts getting visits and audiences, you can apply for Adsense yourself. No need to pay for those “we will approve your account” guys.

Also, if you are a student and already have a blog, you can contact us( admin We can help you with the process. We won’t charge anything and we will be more than happy to help students of Nepal.

Article Writing in Nepal / Earn money by writing articles:

This is also another cool way to earn money online in Nepal. There are millions of blogs/websites and magazines that want quality articles. Most of them do not have time, in-house writers, and recourses to write, so they outsource this function. If you can write quality contents and have a deep understanding, you can sell your articles at a fair price. But since Nepal is not a native English-speaking country, big businesses may be reluctant to outsource this to Nepal.

You need a good reference and track record of writing to earn much in Nepal. But since businesses, media and websites of Nepal also receive contents frequently, you can find an article buyer easily. We ( also seek for article writers frequently. We know how scarce it is to find a good article writer in Nepal. What we have seen is; the few good writers who have a good understanding of writing are too busy working for many organizations and cannot deliver the service in time. So there is a nice scope for earning money online in Nepal by writing quality articles.

If you are a good writer or want to start a career as a writer, contact us and we can guide you in this plus help you to get contracts.

Paid Reviews services / earning money by reviewing products and services:

This is another method for making money online. It may not be suitable to categorize this as an online job, but many people are doing this to make some passive income in free time.

So what is paid reviews service?

In this, you create an account on an online marketplace that sell products (like clothes, gadgets etc) or services (like hosting, web designing etc). While not very much popular in Nepal, stores and businesses are using this technique to make their products and service more appealing. The reviewers are paid for their review and 5-star rating of their products.

Online survey in Nepal / Earning passive income by participating in online surveys:

Surveys are great tools for research and analysis. Surveying real and targeted audience help organizations to know on which direction to move. Clever and calculated surveys also help them to decide what strategies are best for them. Due to the opportunity costs, people of developed countries are reluctant to take part in such surveys. So many surveyors choose south Asian countries for online surveys. You can also take part in such surveys and earn money online in Nepal.

Typer /converter Jobs online

This is another type of online job that might be new to all readers from Nepal. Let us explain this in simple terms.

You get a video of a press conference, lecture or any community meeting what you do next is watch the video or listen to the audio clip and type each and everything you see or listen and send them back. This will make their work done at less cost as the pay rate as their county is very high than the developing countries like Nepal.

Let’s summarize the article highlighting the important aspects.

Types of online jobs in Nepal :

Blogging (for Adsense), paid reviews, form fill-ups, downloads, searches, Google data entry, data feeder, article writer, social sharer.

The good ones which can really be categorized as online jobs:

  1.  Content writer (article writer)
  2. Freelancer (web design/support guru)
  3. Data feeder/ Data entry jobs
  4. Blogger (not solely for Adsense)

The not so good ones:

  1. Google ad clicks
  2. Searches
  3. Paid reviews
  4. Social sharing

What is best to do:

  1. Learn web designing if you are IT student or have interest in web.
  2. Develop skills on what you think you can do well.
  3. Not only online jobs you can try work at home jobs. (we will cover home based jobs and businesses in Nepal in our next writing)
  4. Learn to write. Writing is beneficial to you in thousands of ways. StudentsNepal suggests each and every student to at least write 100 words per day about anything. You can write on topics you are interested, diary, thoughts or anything that is positive.
  5. Customer service representatives. Develop your English and dealing capacities.
  6. If you are IT student: Tech service provider
  7. General Transcriber/Transcriptionist (listens to audio, watches a video, scan copies of documents and type them)
  8. Online tutor
  9. Web developer
  10. Commission based online reseller (affiliate marketing) like Amazon, eBay
  11. Direct resellers
  12. Blogging

If you have further queries and questions regarding online jobs in Nepal, you can leave your comment below or email us at @ajubhattarai arjun @

  • Ya all the things you have mentioned abouve is true, no money is earned in easy way, you have to do a hard lobour ot earn $3-$4 a day. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t be earning online . I have been making some money online and want to encourage you. learn more here at http:// onlinejobs4nepal .blogspot .com and analyse it yourself. Thanks

  • it is heipful for all the students .money is being earned due to hardwork. it gives you money of your hardwork.

  • utilize free time to earn money by working online in Nepal. Good insight about online Jobs in Nepal for students.

  • Hello, I am interested in doing online job. I dont know much about online jobs but I am good in computers. can anyone suggest me what is the best online job in nepal that can be done without any investment. Since I am a student so I dont have much money to invest. I need something that can be done from home in spare time and earn some passive income. I bought one ebook that teach about online jobs but the book only focuses in adsense and other similar ad network. I want online job that is safe, secure, legal and longlasting. Also I dont have credit card, mastercard, paypal ,payoneer and any such payment devices. Can I get paypal or payoneer card easily in Nepal? Please help me regarding online job in nepal and good money making jobs that can be done from my own home without initial investment and much knowlwdge.

  • Everybody who has interest in internet and want to make some money online search for simple online jobs. Numerous Nepalese too seek to do online jobs daily. Online jobs are flexible and can be done from anywhere where there is electricity, computer and internet. So, many people are seen attracted to online jobs to earn some income at odd hours. When you Go to and hunt down for online employment in Nepal and online jobs in Nepal, you will discover numerous websites saying they will help to harvest more cash by doing home based online jobs in Nepal and we guess many of you may have already visited such sites and taken somewhere by those connections. While you visit their webpages the majority of them requires your name and email address saying that they will convey free jobs to your email address and pay some dollar or something like that simply doing under two hour work.
    Be that as it may, when you leave your name and email in their site they will much of the time send email to you saying give $5 to them as donation and make a one-time installment of 20 dollars and have full access to their employment database, etc..etc. Many of you who is looking for online jobs in Nepal must have encountered such websites and blogs. Many Nepali websites too do the same. They are simply making money for themselves by using your innocence and lack of knowledge. Such online job providers actually make a lot of money through internet. But they earn it for them! Not you.
    In any case, truly they are all fake (almost 99.99%). In the event that they can give you $ 500 for simply working 2 hour a day then why don’t they give you the job first and charge you $35 from your compensation? Why they require the installment first? You will cheerfully give $200 in the case that they give $ 500 for only two hours work. Won’t you? So, think about it and analyze their so called online job model. No one in this world have a tree of cash to give $500 in two hours without buckling down and pouring down some sweat. Think twice before applying for any online job in Nepal by paying money or buying ebooks and magazines that have tutorials for online jobs. We recommend you to do online work with trusted parties or by researching about them.
    So recall and remember that they are all fake! On the off chance that you need to do work online then you need to join outsourcing webpage like,, and so on. You won’t get anything until you work for them. Working for such trusted online jobs site is actually good for your offline work too. Such site are providing onlinejobs to many Nepalese webmasters and content writers already.
    In the event that you are scanning for online jobs in Nepal without any investment and installments, We will cheerfully help you and hire your time in the case that you have great written work ability in English. Mail us on becoming1300[at] We will choose and pay according to your aptitude, knowledge and willingness to work for big and longer projects. We have loads of sites with us, we will help you to compose articles and make SEO friendly contents as well.

    • Yes sir I am also interested for online job to become a independent for my better future performance so plz suggest some online part time job which is suitable for my professional and student life,…..

  • I want to know about genuine online job in nepal . What is the best place and office in Nepal that provide online jobs in nepal for students and part time jobs in kathmandu for students. I heard that there are some regulations that will apply for online jobs in nepal after 2016. Have anyone talked about it with the online jobs providers in Kathmandu. Are there any registered or college recommended online job in nepal for students without any investment. Tell me the experiences you got if you have applied for online job in nepal for student especially online jobs for students in kathmandu valley. What about online jobs in other cities like Pokhara, biratnagar, butwal? Is it too difficult or too easy to get online job that actually pays and how difficult is it to do adsense jobs in Nepal. When I search about online jobs in kathmandu for students then there are few companies like gautam or something like that, online job points etc but many of the forums say that they are fake and also some of them were arrested by police too. what is the reality. I want to do good online job in Nepal.

  • Hi, I am a Public Health graduate from Kathmandu. I am interested in online surveys as listed above. I am an experienced researcher but due to some circumstances I cannot manage time to go and work at office regularly . So would you pls let me know there is any opportunity for me working from home

  • I guess that I am the youngest one here in this comment section .As I am just at 10 standard but I searched a lot about online job I also joined the online job called cafepress but in that site Nepal does not have any link so I have to quit it before joining properly if that site was link with Nepal then it would surely help many youth of our country , NEPAL.

  • where should one go to write article because not all websites are genuine and secure and can u also elaborate more on article writer to what needs to be done etc..

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