The Scope of Internet marketing in Nepal (Online Marketing in Nepal)

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Just wondering, where would we be with no internet today?
Where would we request queries to solve our problems?

Truly, the internet has switched from desktop screen to other portable devices counting your mobile devices. Every place we visit, we can see people keeping their eyes on phones. Yes, they have started depending on the internet to carry out their day to day activities smoothly. They even shop their stuff through handheld devices. Indeed, Online marketing has become the most demanding and you rarely find a user who finds it useless. There are lots of business in Nepal developing website and it is really difficult to keep track of their progress. Due to the growth of websites, there is more scope for marketers to switch their path towards the web and the digital world.

With the diverse scope and the importance of digital marketing in the present era, there are lots of internet marketing choices available currently that includes complete solutions like different online marketing permits and promotions. Well, the internet can be used as a powerful weapon to advertise a business and connect with a large number of users all over the globe.
Are you aware of the scope of internet marketing?
Whatever your answer be, I will guide you through this article, providing everything you need to know about internet marketing.

Let me start with an introduction to Online Marketing. What is internet marketing?

Online marketing or internet marketing is marketing or advertising attempts using the web, email and other different marketing techniques to direct sales through the internet. Also, it assembles creative and technical features of the web that include advertisement, design, development and sales.
In addition, digital marketing carries out developing and keeping ads all over the different phases of the customer engagement cycle.

Various types of Internet marketing

1. Display advertisement

Alike its name, this type of internet marketing recommends placing banner ads or banner on other website or blogs. It is also known as a third-party website, to drive traffic and awareness to your personal website.

Mostly, if you have your own online store, you can put the advertisement about your business on well-admired clothing or fashion blog. So, when user exploring the blog will read your post, they will surely keep their eyes in your business.

So, internet marketing has a great role in providing a complete support package and training on display advertisement if you want to get more about it.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

At the moment, SEO has become the most well desired online marketing types. SEO includes the procedures for improving the visibility of your web page, site or blog. This is mostly done by hiring an SEO expert.

If your website is doing well with good rankings in major search engines, this helps SEO experts to analyze the reason behind it. Relevant to that research, they help other websites to get better rankings in the world of the search engine.

3. Social media marketing

Are you connected with social media sites? If not, then you are lacking behind one of the essential parts of today’s internet marketing approach.

Well, social media is relevant to the real-time event and the life of people. With the arrival of popular social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, I bet you will not find a better place to start marketing. Once you connect with a large friend circle, you can promote your business and services there.

4. Pay Per Click Advertisement (PPC)

PPC belongs to the type of advertisement where business only pays to advertise when a customer clicks on it. The website that employs PPC display ads relevant to the keyword list of advertisers and demonstrates applicable content to the user.

One advantage of utilizing PPC is the instant measurement of success as ads are illustrated within days that starts collecting website data. Also, PPC advertisement develops highly targeted visitors, to attract the users looking for a particular service.

5. Public Relations

Still, press coverage counts on the key advertising and promotion of a company. To get news releases decided by internet publication gathers maximum traffic towards the website.

However, earlier than the publication writes about the business, they should participate in some newsworthy events like contests, giveaways, fundraisers. They are the ideal concept to promote a company in a genuine manner with the audiences.

6. Email marketing

Usually, email marketing is a way to improve the relationship that consumers share with a business. To initiate this procedure, users should sign up for an Email publication where they can be reminded repeatedly regarding their services and products.

Also, these publications inspire customer loyalty and come with advantages like a discount offer, the special offer prospect for those who are selected as a subscriber.

7. Networking

Networking is important for any kind of business you have. Mostly, business networking is carried out by business proprietors who creates, recognizes and acts on business prospects and then share these with other personnel.

Networking is mostly directed at the extensive range of levels. These levels range from a small group like the local community to the extensive networks on the web that extends throughout the world.
Undoubtedly, business networking is an ideal way to connect with other business personnel and share ideas among one another. The web is the perfect medium to connect with the people and develop your own business network.

8. Video Marketing

Do you know YouTube? ( Just asking in case you only discovered the internet today and the first website you visited is studentenepal 🙂 )
Okay, Youtube is the second-largest search engine on the globe and third-largest most browsed website. YouTube allows you to produce different video content and engage your users.

Videos are a remarkable means of internet marketing and creative video marketers are proceeding towards the world of branded content. This makes video the most influencing weapons to deliver the correct message in the application marketplace and influence potential customer from the start.

Generally, video marketing is the most admired types of online marketing as it comes up with lots of elements that include Copywriting, video production and SEO.

9. Blogging

You may be surprised to see blogging on the list of internet marketing as many things we are talking about may look condensed in blogging.

However, a blog is just a medium. It can host video, podcast, text article, news topic, sell associate advertising, offer instruction or insight. More than that, it is the content that occupies the channel.

To schedule content, tag and categorize content properly, manage internal link architecture, optimize the navigation items are some useful things managed by the bloggers. So, blog management is important and its fundamental arrangement is helpful for a search engine to index your blog for the content you are willing to promote.

10. Content marketing

How much are you familiar with content marketing?
Content marketing includes the buzzword that is revolving around, still, most of the people are unaware of it. After creating an informative blog, you have to distribute those contents to some applicable places. So, content marketing is the way of developing media that engaging people with the content you develop. Simply, it is everything you need to know how the contents are arranged and distributed.

Scope of internet marketing (Online Marketing) in Nepal

In Nepal, internet marketing is a new concept and still traditional marketing have a large customer. But, due to an increase in internet users, business owners have realised the significance of digital marketing and its progress in the business. Also, the increment of e-commerce platforms in Nepal opens the door to digital marketers. Most sellers are capable of reaching potential customers instantly using online marketing techniques. On the other hand, customers are also happy to save their time and effort moving from one shop to another to get their desired stuff.

There are lots of online marketing techniques initiated by different digital marketing agencies. One of the well-admired technique is SEO which helps a website to gain high rankings in search engine. There are some essential tools that are used to carry out different SEO services like keyword research, web design, website content writing, article development, HTML codes and more. You have to learn all these techniques to make your special position in the world of internet marketing.
Besides, it is essential for the novices mostly in Nepal while targeting the online users to facilitate with the best and most recent information correctly. So, it is essential to focus on the online marketing technique and uphold good relationship with clients, customers and service provider

Is internet marketing Training Necessary?

Previously, life was simple, just develop a website using two or more targeted keywords and submit the page to search engine. After that, your website used to rank in the top ten without any effort.
But now, everything has changed and become more complex. Search engines also started to develop more complex algorithms and new marketing techniques are introduced which has made the internet marketing world more complicated.

So, to cope up and adapt yourself to the world of internet marketing, you should join the internet marketing courses. This will act as a fuel to win the race of online marketing.
Now, most of the business proprietors are aware of the worth of ranking in the search engine. They have started to learn SEO and its techniques. If you are willing to learn and make your strong profile as an SEO expert, there are lots of SEO training institutes in Nepal. They are eager and always available to welcome you with the shades of SEO knowledge.

Wrapping Up, Internet marketing is not a single approach to raise interest and awareness of products and services. Due to a large number of platforms developed by the internet, the area encloses different disciplines. It includes everything starting from email marketing to SEO.

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