An increasing trend of digital marketing in Nepal and digital marketing career

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What will be your reaction when you find your child earning double than you within less effort? You might get surprised, won’t you? With the fortune, it’s true that your child can earn more than you within an hour.

You might have noticed kids of 8 or 9 years even smaller uploading videos in their personal blogs, posting daily activities. why do you think are they doing so? Probably that’s not only for fun. Those kids are earning through their videos which they are posting in their personal blogs of anything. Their videos are trending in social sites like YouTube, Facebook through which they get paid per view in their videos. Now a day’s children are using their mobile phone to earn for them rather than to play.

On the other hand students of Nepal are also a strong digital addict in a different way. A world without the internet is beyond the imagination. The trend of entrepreneurship through digital marketing is amazingly growing among the student. Nepal is also an influenced country of digital marketing. People are depending upon the internet even for their small use. Similarly, a student who used to be busy in books at the past is also attracted towards this fair and giving their full contribution.

Let’s put in deep eyes on the meaning of digital marketing and its growing trend in Nepalese students.

Definition of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the process of reaching your customer online. It is the best way to reach a customer without any effort. The present condition of digital marketing is quite impressive that has become able to reach its peak within a short time. It involves different digital media for product promotion like:

  1. Mobile marketing: Involve advertisement through mobile. You might have noticed ads occurring in the middle of any videos, games or site.
  2. SMS marketing: Involve portal SMS from the company. For example SMS from Ncell, Ntc about their services, and SMS through any subscribed company and so on.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Include post, ads, and picture in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Involve keywords, tags, and content. SEO marketing in content is more popular to be ranked by Google ranking system.
  5. Google Ad words: Involve ads on the site of Google. It is a way to earn and make your site more popular.

State of Digital Marketing in Nepal

Digital marketing is a worldwide trend where Nepal is also showing equal contribution in adapting it for business. Nepal has a wide range of business concept. It is naturally blessed with beauty and resources. Business in Nepal is more depending upon social media, blogs, website and SEO etc. The rapid growth of mobile users in Nepal has helped digital marketing to fly crossing the peak as online marketing has become popular among the Nepalese but people are still unaware about actual benefits of digital marketing in their life’s.

According to some research, it has been found that many Nepali companies are using digital marketing as their primary field for advertisement. High involvement of mass has also compelled companies to depend on digital marketing for their promotions. And this is also the reason, Digital marketing agency in Nepal is increasing day by day.

On the other hand, people involvement on the internet has become a great opportunity for the business holder to grow their business. Nepal is a developing country who is in the state of the development process but in the case of online marketing, we can say that it has already competed with other developed countries with no doubts. The numerous digital marketing companies have gained high progress in the digital era. Companies like Khalti, eSewa have explored themselves wild in digital Nepal. The Internet has become a fundamental need in today world. Comparing with the history between the past and present state of digital marketing, it’s amazing to know how digital marketing has stood in the market now. With one swipe we can reach to our targeted customers located in any corner of the world without any big effort.

The misconception of digital Marketing in some Nepalese

Do you have any idea some people use their internet only for the sake of social media? Don’t you think this is a misuse of great invention?

Digital marketing itself hints you that it is a huge world itself of gaining different jobs and the chance to build a career. For example; like Facebook marketing, advertisement, YouTube blogs, Videos, Google content etc and many more all fall on a digital marketing platform that allows you to earn and stand yourself as an entrepreneur.

Unfortunately, the comparison between data of Nepal about entrepreneur born through digital marketing is ¼ parts lesser than another country. A country like Nepal is still backward in understanding the main possibilities of digital marketing. Some people are unaware of digital marketing benefits in their life. They probably are using digital media for communication and fun but not a career ladder. The concept of the internet has only remained as a platform through which people are allowed to reach their loved ones and communicating with them in some Nepalese. Almost 95% of people including even high schools have their personal mobile phone these days where they remain active on social media 24/7. Although they are still unrecognized about the benefits of the internet in their carer and about earning through the digital world is not a joke.

Why Nepali Students are choosing Digital Marking as their career bridge?

When a developing country like Nepal comes for any digital marketing strategies scope its quite wide for any management. Earnings for a Nepalese student who has to rush all day for their school attendants and required compulsory presence seems to be impossible. 9 to 5 jobs are beyond the imagination for such faculty. Students are becoming more advanced and independent who wants to take both their study and career together. Isn’t that a great decision?.

Digital marketing is the best option for any busy schedule though they are students or business personnel to start their business. The growing interest in today’s student towards digital marketing platform is because of its low cost and time flexibility. In other words, it let you feel like the boss of the office. You are free and can work on your own rules. It can be used as a side income and increase your earnings at a time. Every day we can see the growth with different ideas and thoughts arising in students mind and they are sharing it through their digital office. Many students are attracted in this field more because of its result orientation facilities.

On the other hand, technology is also becoming cheaper day by day. The overall condition for digital marketing is quite overwhelming in Nepal. Online users in Nepalese society are growing doubling the rate which is beneficial for the student to earn traffic for their business. The growth in digital marketing in Nepal has opened huge opportunities for marketers with IT knowledge.

Since Nepal has a bright future in the digital world and so does Nepalese. Entrepreneurship in digital marketing is the most loved job by the youngster at this time.

Final thoughts on Digital Marketing Career

The digital world is rich with millions of jobs and career option for any talent. Similarly, Nepal is growing sustainably in the digital world. The trend of building a career in digital marketing has been adapted overwhelmingly in Nepalese youngster society. We should additionally encourage our youngster for building them as a strong competitor in the digital world so that they could prepare themself to stand in the upcoming competition. Did this article make you clear about the reason behind the importance of digital marketing and why our students are interested in the internet and electronic device? We hope so but for further queries please feel free to contact us. We are cheerful to clear your questions. Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.