6 Reasons Why Going Paperless Is More Useful For You & Your Business

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The digitization of the work-flow is already one foot through your door. “What is the next thing that I should digitize?” – you might wonder.

Well, we are here to solve that dilemma for you. Have you ever considered transferring all your documents to digital? Imagine your operations without papers around? We are aware that this might be too much for you. This is why we are going to dissect the benefits and give you the facts.

Here are six reasons why going paperless is more useful for you and your business, and if we may add, your customers as well.

Significantly Increase Productivity

How much time do you lose every day on finding documents in your email, desk, and cabinets? Your employees are probably losing the same amount of time on a daily basis.

When you sum up all those lost minutes during the entire year, you will be able to see the toll paperwork takes on your productivity. If you go paperless, all your documents will be a few clicks away. You won’t have to spend more than a couple of seconds finding the document you need.

Also, the collaboration becomes streamlined because now entire departments can share and collaborate on documents.

Ultimately, this makes the workflow efficient and everyone more productive altogether.

Increase Data Security

How many of those documents that contain sensitive data are laying around in your office for anyone to see?

How much time passes before the employee that sent out documents for printing goes to pick them up? With each passing second, you are risking exposing your most valuable business secrets to outsiders. Going paperless significantly increases your data security.

Besides, you will have more control over it, as you can implement a data security policy and educate your employees about the safest and most secure procedures. If you decide to move your documents to the cloud, your security will be even better. You will be able to control user read and write permissions while the cloud storage service provider company handles all the security and backup for you.

Live Up To Your Customers’ Expectations

Modern customers have very little time at their disposal. They want to do everything as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, there are forms they have to fill out, documents to sign, and return letters to handle on time. You are risking losing your precious clients and customers due to excessive paperwork.

With quiz maker software, you can say farewell to boring forms. This software is so simple to use that you will be able to master it with a minimal technical background. Leverage it to create easy-to-fill-out digital forms that you can share via email or embed on your website.

While a free quiz maker can help you go paperless to some extent, you should also use it to gather valuable feedback from your customers. The best thing about it is that you will receive results instantly and be able to access them on the go.

Get More Space

There is one more thing about the paperwork – it takes a lot of space. It’s all fine when you start your operation. You have your license, a few projects, a few files on your clients and customers. But once the wheels get off the ground and the paper starts to pile up, you’ll find out that it requires a separate storage facility.

On the other hand, all those documents can fit onto an 8GB USB thumb drive, which costs less than $10. Yes the process of digitization, including digging documents out and scanning them, can take a while.

But once you are done with it, you will be able to get get rid of all those folders and cabinets for good.

Say Goodbye to Data Error

The list of troubles with paperwork continues. There are two types of documents in your cabinets: the printed ones and ones with handwriting. The printed documents can fade over time, while the handwriting may turn out hard to interpret after the years have passed. This can all result in data errors, which may cause huge problems to your business.

Digitization of paperwork minimizes the risk of errors, if not completely removing it from the equation.

The backup copy of your documents will keep them safe from getting lost due to unforeseen circumstances, while the document revision history prevents any data from being lost.

Improve Customer Service

Lastly, we have customer service. Paperwork does consistent damage to customer service and limits its quality by dictating the time that has to be spent in each correspondence with a customer. For instance, if there is a problem, employees have to physically go through the trail of papers to resolve the issue.

When all papers are in a digital format, it becomes easier to answer customer queries, find information, and resolve issues. You will delight your customers and make them want to come back for more, or if you prefer, you will make more money.

Going paperless is not an easy task, especially if you are running a several-year-old establishment. But once you completely digitize your paperwork, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.


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