How to write a great essay: 7 rules to remember

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Understanding the skills of essay writing is very essential as it is the obligatory academic assignment which has a great impact on your overall grades. It is certainly not possible to write your first essay perfectly as it needs practice and consistency to build command over your writing skills. This post is to enlighten you with some of the tips that can help you in mastering the art of writing. Here are 7 tips on how to write a great essay.

1. Build your word bank: If you have the topic in hand, you should first build your bank of words that you want to use in your essay. It is just like putting SEO keywords in an online post! These keywords are those which would essentially shape your essay and make it impactful and vibrant. Creating a word bank also improves your vocabulary!

2. Write in Easy tone: While your essay needs to possess a bunch of impressive words, it should be written in easy tone for a person to understand. If the reader has to spend a lot of time in understanding the sentences (you don’t expect your mentors to read between the lines!) then they will lose interest in reading and you will lose grades! So structure your essay properly so as to pass on the clear message to the reader.

3. Read essays by other writers: This is actually the best thing to do! You must have heard that reading actually improves your vocabulary knowledge and help you in honing the skills of sentence formation. Writers from recommend to read multiple essays and then highlight the points which you really liked or disliked. Reading the essay at face value will not be of help if you want to garnish your skills of writing.

4. Focus on beginning and closing: The beginning and closing lines really have a huge impact on the grading of your essay. The initial paragraph should be exciting enough to motivate reading and the closing one should be satisfactory conclusion so that reader should not feel that it ended abruptly. They actually act as stepping stones in building focus and attention of reader towards your essay.

5. Identify distinguishing factor: There are tonnes of writing assignments that are submitted in the entire batch but do all of them get the similar level of attention and grades? The answer is NO! The secret behind making your essay score superb is to distinguish them from others! What is the key point which actually differentiates you from rest of the world? It can be your choice of words, your compilation of live examples or maybe quotes from famous authors. You need to have one distinguishing factor and should also cite the source if you are referring to some work of literature or science.

6. Understand the transition: It is very important to create flow in your essay so that it doesn’t look like pieces of text put together. Hence you need to make use of phrases (actually called connectors) which help you in bridging between paragraphs. Some of the examples can be ‘as we previously noted’, ‘just reiterating what was mentioned’, ‘despite the previous arguments’, ‘to summarize it quickly’ etc. This helps the reader in understanding and relating to the original context of the essay.

7. Syntax, punctuation, and tone: The tone of your entire essay should be interesting and engaging and that can only happen if you make correct use of syntaxes and punctuation. If the sentence is too long and rambling then reader will lose interest in reading. Just practice the art of writing similar to the way you speak. You obviously use them in your conversation!