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Which city of Nepal gives shelter to the most beautiful girls? This question is not stupid. There is a vast difference in the level of beauty according to place and city. There are always exceptions but we will be dealing with general here.

First, let me tell you why I am writing this and on what basis my article will flow to create the countdown of top 5 cities of Nepal with most beautiful girls.I have been working in a position that requires lots of travelling and staying in different cities of Nepal. I have stayed in all the major cities and suburbs of Nepal during my job for 5 years. And as I am in my mid-twenties, I have been turning and twisting my head towards the butterflies all the time. So I have used my observation, my colleagues inputs and in some degree the involvements in beauty peasants (Only in small percentage) to give a logical and detailed answer on the question: ‘in which city of Nepal live the most beautiful girls’

Let’s take the main cities for analysis.The list is of the cities from which the top five cities will be  selected. The cities of which I will be appraising the girls to create the list of top 5 cities with most beautiful girls will be the following:

  • Kathmandu
  • Biratnagar
  • Bhairahawa
  • Birjung
  • Butwal
  • Pokhara
  • Chitwan
  • Ilam
  • Dharan
  • Dhankuta
  • Tansen
  • Mahendranagar
  • And Dhangadi

I have been living in all the cities of Nepal for at least two weeks during my job with my colleagues of different age (seniors and juniors). I am being very much skeptical at the fact that I may use my personal preferences for appraising the girls and their beauty. So, I kept aside my personal preferences and used the general things that are considered as creating beauty in girls. And also, this article is lucky as I don’t have any specific preferences. I like Aryans, Mongols, Newars, blacks, whites and virtually all girls that are beautiful. It is not like that I find Aryans or Mongols or Newars more attractive relatively than other types. Also, my friends have been helping a lot to create this list of cities with cuties. Their input is also a major part in this writing. So the eyes for looking the girls and their cuteness are mixed up and impartial to a great extent.

The top 5 list of cities with most beautiful girls in Nepal:

Kathmandu (not included in list)

Kathmandu is the mix-bag of girls. Girls from all over Nepal are found in every corner of Kathmandu. It is really difficult to rank Kathmandu as there is lots of diversity in girls. So I have not included in the top 5 list of cities with beautiful girls of Nepal. Talking of Kathmandu, we can see most beautiful girls in New Baneshwor, Sanepa, Newroad and Darburmarg. Also, Maitidevi is popular for girls hostel. Pepsikola for people(so girls) from western Nepal. Bouddha for Mongolian girls. Bhaktapur for typical Newar beauties. Maybe it is a coincidence but Koteswor and Balaju are the places we had to wait more minutes to see a beauty passing. I have talked with friends about this and almost all said the same.

5. Mahendranagar

This is the headquarter of Kanchanpur, located in the farthest west part of Nepal. The city is beautiful in itself. We have been here for short time. Girls here are fairly toned and have an average height. They seem innocent and shy. When we sat in the group to see those beauties in the evenings, the girls were a little bit nervous and conscious. So Mahendranagar also grabs the title of the city that shelters most shy teens and young girls in Nepal. The locals share very many similarities with the immigrated girls from Baitidi, Dadeldhura and nearby districts. Tharu girls of Mahendranagar also carry same charm as that of Chitwan and Kapilvastu. Mahendranagar thus is in the 5th place in the ranking of cities of Nepal with most beautiful girls.

4. Dharan

Dharan; the city with most fashionable boys and girls. Before moving to Dharan we have been hearing that it is the city of cuties. However we got little disappointed and all of us thought that Dharane girls are a bit overrated for beauty and cuteness. Most of the girls are of Mongolian race and carry a charm in their face. At first glance, they look so attractive that eyes get stuck on them, but things get changed after few seconds of eye feast. The main factor that prevents Dharane girls to top the list is their height. The mean height of the girls might be around 5”. Also, there seemed a trend to follow every outfit and fashion trends that are on the craze, no matter how their body type and shape is which dilutes the average beauty count. So Dharan grabs the 4th position on the list of top 5 cities of Nepal with beautiful girls.


Wow, the Newarnis of Tansen. This small city located in Palpa district inhibits the cutest Newari girls. The cool weather and fresh air that blows 24/7 might have helped these cuties to nourish their skin naturally. Girls are with decent height and fair complexion. They are friendly, caring and not so shy. The only downside is they don’t bury themselves in the latest fashion and stay casual most of the time. Not only the local Newarnis, but other girls are also equally beautiful in general. The another reason we found all the girls beautiful except few might be the freshness on the environment which filled positive vibes in our heart, brain and eyes which made us find beauty in everything. I made few lady friends in Tansen and checked their profile for more research, all the girls (and their friends) in their picture were beautiful in actual, looking from Kathmandu too. So Tansen is in the 3rd place of our ranking.

2. Pokhara

Pokhereli girls are cute, fashionable and friendly and carry a beautiful heart in the left part of their chest. Sitting in one of the open cafés at the lakeside of Pokhara, we used to get mesmerized by the beautiful girls that pass nearby. But most of them were with their boyfriends. Fair and stylish girls of Pokhara know how to make a balance between fashion and simplicity. Maybe many of the cuties we saw were couples from other towns that went to Pokhara (because I did it once and she was beautiful). But the locals from different corners were also much attractive. I stayed in Pokhara for 1.5 months so been to almost every corner there and seen many girls for taking out an average for this rank.

1. Bhairahawa

Do you want to see how beautiful girls look like? Go to Bhairahawa. But please don’t go there in summer because you may possibly get fried in the around 40-degree temperature and become a perfect example for the popular Nepali saying “Chokta khana gako budi jhol ma dubera mari”. In the first few days of my stay at Bhairahawa, I never thought beauties might choose this place to born. The not so clean streets, people splitting gutka here and there and the burning temperature! Bhairahawa was such a pain in the beginning. But once being used to of these things, It is not that pain to stay in Bhairahawa.

Girls in Bhairahawa have blackish complexion and a good height. The reason behind their beauty might be the fact that creatures from places with hot climate have a fast metabolism and grow faster. So girls in their teenage are developed nicely. Most of the girls are Aryans. The girls, when they get out of the home in summer get their skin tanned which brings a sexy blackish glow in their skin which was naturally fair as their ancestors(close one) are the one migrated from the nearby hilly region. There might be a case like one of my friend said “girls are beautiful because only beautiful girls come out, the ugly ones stay at their homes and rarely roam around the city except school-home-school or job-home-job. well if this is true then this holds true for other parts of Nepal too. So basing our appraisal on what I and my travelling friends saw, Bhairahawa is the city with most beautiful girls in whole Nepal and grabs the 1st position on the ranking of top 5 cities of Nepal with most beautiful and cute girls.Girls of all over Nepal rocks! and when it comes to  girls of Bhairahawa, they rock stronger than a 8 magnitude earthquake!

P.s:  I don’t have any crush or girlfriend at Bhairahawa rather I confess for the sake of fairness of article that I have ex-girlfriends from Kathmandu, Butwal and Pokhara only.

And please drop your list of top 5 cities of Nepal with the most beautiful girls in the comment box below.

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  • My list of top 5 cities of Nepal with most beautiful girls is:
    5. Chitwan
    4. tansen
    3. Kathmandu
    2. Dhankuta
    1. Dharan
    Dharane girls are the most beautiful girls in all over Nepal and all over the planet.

  • I slightly disagree. Let me post my list of the top 10 cities with most beautiful and cute girls in Nepal:
    10. Dhangadi
    9. Biratnagar
    8. Hetauda
    7. Mahendranagar
    6. Tansen
    5. Ilam
    1. Dharan

  • Now make a ranking based on district too..
    In which district of Nepal live most beautiful girls?
    Jhapa? Ilam? Panchthar? Taplejung? Morang? Sunsari? Bhojpur? Dhankuta? Terhathum? Sankhuwasabha? Saptari? Siraha? Udayapur? Khotang? Okhaldhunga? Solukhumbu? Dhanusa? Mahottari? Sarlahi? Sindhuli? Ramechhap? Dolakha? Bhaktapur? Dhading? Kathmandu? Kavrepalanchok? Lalitpur? Nuwakot? Rasuwa? Sindhupalchok? Bara? Parsa? Rautahat? Chitwan? Makwanpur? Gorkha? Kaski? Lamjung? Syangja? Tanahun? Manang? Kapilvastu? Nawalparasi? Rupandehi? Arghakhanchi? Gulmi? Palpa? Baglung? Myagdi? Parbat? Mustang? Dang Deukhuri? Pyuthan? Rolpa? Rukum? Salyan? Dolpa? Humla? Jumla? Kalikot? Mugu? Banke? Bardiya? Surkhet? Dailekh? Jajarkot? Kailali? Achham? Doti? Bajhang? Bajura? Kanchanpur? Dadeldhura? Baitadi? Darchula?

  • My top ten list of cities with beautiful girls…

  • Where are the pictures of beautiful girls of Nepal? Without photos of beautiful and cute girls of different cities, this article doesn’t seem complete. Atleast include some photos of most beautiful girls of different cities of Nepal so that we can also cool down our eyes 🙂
    We want images of beautiful, hot, stunning, sexy and cute girls of Kathmandu, Biratnagar, Bhairahawa, Birjung, Butwal, Pokhara, Chitwan, Ilam, Dharan, Dhankuta, Tansen, Mahendranagar and Dhangadi. 🙂

  • 1. Dharan

    Dharan is place where you can find many beautiful girls.
    Namrata shrestha, malina joshi, and many more they all are from dharan

  • In my view the most top 5 beautiful girls are found in nepal as follows
    5. Kathmandu.
    4. Biratnagar.
    3. Chitwan.
    2. Bhairahawa.
    1. Butwal.

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