Student Life; an experience and observation of Ryanzan

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“Write an essay on ‘student life’” this question was frequently asked in your school level examination and I hope you had given your best on this. Let’s not talk about ‘Student life is neither full of joy nor full of sorrow.’, ‘Student life is golden life’ and other matters related to your schooling. We all have known this when we were on our school days. Let’s talk about something that actually relates to your life and education. Especially, talking about the life of students in Nepal, we have a lot of things to deal with. It has never been so easy to get what one needs in our country. This may be a reason for abroad study or a permanent break from the student. There are many things that we are ignoring but should not be ignored. There is something in our country which does not let one take a good education. There are a lot of things which do not let someone complete his or her education. By saying ‘student life is golden life’ does not make someone’s life golden especially in Nepal. Here, we are going to talk about ‘student life in Nepal’ not only the ‘student life’.

Strictly speaking, it has never been so easy for someone to make his student life joyful in Nepal. One has to face many problems to continue his education for his bright future. One can never get what he wants, what he needs to achieve his goals, to be the one who he really wants to be. I don’t blame anyone for creating such a worst situation of the student, I blame the education system of Nepal which does not focus on student’s interest rather it focuses on degree and marks of theoretical knowledge. One spends at least 14 years on his 10+2 schooling where he learns what to be studied next to make his dreams come true. What I mean to say is, in that specific 14 years students should have read what the system wants them to read. Many students have been failing there schooling because they have to study the course in which they have no interest. After failing the schooling they take permanent rest from the student life. In this particular case, how can we say ‘student life is golden life’ or ‘student life in full of joy’?  If possible, there should be a system where one can choose his field of interest after completing some basic education. There are so many factors that are affecting the life of student directly or indirectly.

Let’s talk about the life of a student in both urban and rural area. It may be easy for students in an urban area to make their life more joyful, more knowledgeable and more golden. But for the students of rural area, what their student life means is just a nightmare or whatsoever. There is no single definition which can correctly describe the meaning of ‘student life’. Student life differs from student to student, place to place, situation to situation. There can never be a single and unique definition. When we move from urban area to rural area, city to village, we can find the meaning of ‘student life’ to be different. In the city, what student life really means is going to school/college and have some fun with classmates. Moreover, the life of a student in the city is much more joyful and enjoyable as compared to a student from the village. In the village, student life means going to school/college, returning back to home and start working for survival. There is another factor which affects the life of a student in a rural area, and that is a lack of equipment for study. It has been heard many times that students have not been getting books and other materials. From this one can describe ‘student life’.

In fact, the student life of Nepalese student is much more painful. Whether they stay in Nepal or go for abroad study, they will face many problems. There is no course which can meet the student’s interests. Let’s take the example of a teenager who is to be a good cricketer. His aim is to be cricketer, it means he is interested in sports but what happens in Nepal is he does not get a chance to fulfil his dream. Not only the family but also his future forces him to take an education in which he does not have any interest. Now, in this case, how can he make his student life golden? Here, in Nepal ‘Student life’ means live a life which is already designed by some systems. What I really mean to say is let the student choose his life, let the student choose his filed but do not let them choose the wrong path in the name of freedom.

Written by: Ryanzan

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