From Frustration to a Successful Essay Writing Service

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“I started to discover that my education had not prepared me for the real working world. I was loaded with theory but had very little when it came to the skills that employers in the workplace where looking for”

During my days at the University of Virginia I would spend time lying on my bed in the apartment I shared with other students, dreaming about my life after university. I could not wait for the day I would finally have my degree and start applying for jobs in the famous start-ups in New York and Silicon Valley. My hometown Gardena in California had become too small for me. I had bigger dreams than that town could offer. Then I graduated and came to a rude awakening; things after graduation were not as rosy as I had imagined them.

I sent hundreds of application letters, with my curriculum vitae attached, to hundreds of companies and all I got was a string of regrets. I started to discover that my education had not prepared me for the real working world. I was loaded with theory but had very little when it came to the skills that employers in the workplace where looking for. As every day passed, I started feeling frustrated. Eventually, I was left with one choice; to return home to Gardena. I felt defeated, and my motivation hit rock bottom. This is when I decided to take up a job with one of the online companies where my job involved writing essays as a freelancer.
I got some money from writing essays on these sites but it was not enough for me to meet all my needs. All the money I was making from the clients was going to the companies that employed us. I started getting used to the barest minimum when it came to my diet. The conditions at work were very poor. I knew that this situation had to change. Otherwise, I would be confined to a life of poverty. As a young woman, I felt that I was losing the best years of my life stuck in one place.

Just as I was starting to think that nothing would change, I met Alex Peterson, the Chief Executive Office and Founder of EssayHub and my life changed. We started off talking about common everyday stuff that people who do not know each other very well speak about. When I told him that I was working for an essay writing service and I was unhappy about my working conditions he told me that he had a plan to start an essay writing service.

At that moment, I knew that my life was changing forever. I told him that this is an idea I too have entertained for some time. We set up a meeting where I met the other people that we would eventually form the company Essay Hub with. The people I met at this meeting, were other young graduates like me. All of us had one thing in common; a conviction that writing was our passion and helping others was what we wanted to do for a living. Armed with this determination and knowing the pain we had all been through, we set up on a journey of starting Essay Hub.

There is one thing that all the founders of Essay Hub agreed on; we wanted to take all our experiences from our previous freelancing jobs, whether good or bad and use them as a foundation for setting up a company that would become one of the best in the essay writing industry. We knew that making our customers happy would have to be at the centre of our success. So, we started by drafting policies on customer relations management. We looked for a great hosting service that would give us a website that was always available when our customers needed us.

Our business plan was quite strong. We created procedures on how we were going to employ our writers. We knew that the internet of things would help us get the best writers from all the four corners of the world. We assembled a team of writers who did not only understand the subjects they were writing about but who also represented our culture and values of customer service. We trained all our writers and made sure that we had mechanisms for monitoring their work and providing feedback, whether good or bad. We give our writers all the support they need. We understand very well that if our writers are not happy, then our customers would also be equally unhappy and they won’t order another essay from us.

With a good business plan, policies and procedures, it was not very difficult for us to get capital to grow our business. We moved from our humble beginnings into a comfortable office park where our staff could do their work in comfort. Even though we started off writing, all the founders of the company ended up with so many things to do we could get very little time to write. We were glad, however, that we had assembled a team of writers that deliver nothing but the best work anyone intending to order an essay would expect.

Today, I no longer write essays, I spend most of my time writing advise-kind articles for our blog. Our writers tap into the ideas on this blog and every day, they learn something new. On my part, I am happy that I can get to do what I really love; helping people to become great writers.

I tell my story to show that when you have a passion, success is guaranteed. All you need to do is never to give up. If you find people with the same passion as you do, you can share ideas and achieve goals that you may have thought were impossible as individuals. Today, we have a company that provides both young and older people with an income from their writing talent. When they work for us and with us, they can set their own schedule, determine how much they want to earn, and in this process, everybody who is involved is both satisfied and happy.

Written by: Tia Moreen