Five signs to Know About a Cheating Boyfriend (5 Tips to find out a cheating BF)

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If you are a teenager girl who is seriously in a relationship, you must have to know one thing that there may be a point arise when you doubt on your boyfriend like ‘he is cheating on you’.  Sometimes your senior may often say you that you’re still young to find the perfect match for you but also you want a genuine reason to trust on your seniors that your boyfriend is really cheating on you. Whatever it is but the feelings inside you about your relationship, it is sure that you will not be okay to end a serious relationship.

Even if you get any genuine proof against your boyfriend that totally proves him cheating on you is hard to believe to do on it but still, there are some points or you can say symptoms that you must have to know.

Here are 5 signs or points that can help you to know about your immature boyfriend’s behaviors if he cheating on you or not.

ONE : He Stops Spending Time With You

If your teenager boyfriend stops spending time with you or he is ignoring you like if he is not inviting you in parties or outdoor meetings with his friends and he is not calling you in any social events where there are chances to meet his friends or if he is not introducing you in front of his friends then there probably a positive sign that he is really cheating on you because he is will be afraid of his friends who know about him cheating on you if they tell you about his cheating side, that he is cheating on you or he have a next girl hiding from you. Or you can check by his friend’s behaviours which probably may change seeing you.

TWO : He Has Changed His Looks

Has your boyfriend suddenly started changing his appearance, his looks, his outfits? Has he taking good care of himself and don’t even asks you anything? After school level, many boys work on their outfits, their hairstyles which can bring a huge difference in his looks i.e appearance. If you see these types of change then there is some probability that he is trying to impress someone and sorry to say but who is not actually you.

THREE : Having a Rude Attitude Suddenly

There are many cases where cheaters do feel guilty too about their actions to the next person, even they can try to minimize that actions to be guilt free a less. To end up with you he can play many tricks like he can point you on a discussion to make you down. He can start his fights by a tiny topic and he also can again hurt you for any unreasonable point. He can argue with you in any subject matter just to make you away from his way. These symptoms of any rascals’ mentions that their behaviours towards their girlfriend is what she deserves even he may think that his girlfriend genuinely deserves to be cheated.

FOUR: He is out of contact more often than before

As we all know that many of the couple not only boyfriends girlfriends everyone nowadays communicates through phone calls, text messages, online messages emails and any social networks like Facebook, Messenger, Viber etc. if you find your boyfriend suddenly is not so very much active in social networks, he is not calling you on your cell phone and not receiving your calls as before, he is not texting you if he is busy anywhere, he just gets offline when you are online and don’t come again even if you call him or text him then there are many chances he is cheating on you. At the end, a person who used to text you, call you frequently, emailed you every time is not giving response suddenly, why?

FIVE: Rumors About His Relationship

At high schools, it is sure that the environment of high schools are viral (you guys know what I mean) like every things are discussed in high schools. If one of your friend hear about anything that is cool to gossip then with no doubt that subject matter is going to be viral on the whole school. If your boyfriend is cheating on you and having an eye on other girl then his friends gossips about his relationship status and talks about you that you being cheated by him. Maybe your boyfriends’ friend talks about cheating on you with next of his friend or maybe with their girlfriends. This is how the rumours get started but one thing is also true that not every gossip are trustable that’s why if you hear any gossips about your boyfriend then you must have to be very careful in listening.

The above signs that we discussed are just the few sign that your beloved boyfriend may have undermine you. If you found somewhere your boyfriend is totally cheating on you then there is no anyway for regretting and without thinking twice just end that relationship but if you are having physical relation with your boyfriend then might be his cheating ways can bring you risky conditions of being caught by any painful and non-recoverable diseases like STDs etc.

Written by: Oseen Shakya