Earn While You Learn – How to Earn Money while Studying

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We are grown-up adults now. We have to fulfill certain needs that we didn’t have to worry about when we were kids. We are still studying. We have to wait to finish our degree, get a job and then fulfill those long lasting dreams. We are short on time, running to classes, finishing assignments and studying for exams. It seems like our hands are tied.
But are they? If you look around and be a little more resourceful, you will be amazed at the opportunities that are out there to earn money even while studying. So let us get right onto that.

Offline Model

1) Work in stores/be a delivery boy: If you are a student and in the need of some pocket money, stores like KFC, Mc Donalds are eager to welcome you. (Not in Nepal though)

2) Tutoring: What is best than to impart education? Trust me if you have that teacher’s instinct, you will be able to make an impact on the society as well as earn handsomely.

3) College festivals: Do you think you have managerial skills? Do you think you can organize a college fest? Then it is the best option for you. Earn while having fun!

4) Start your own venture: However, small it may be. Be it organizing sales, selling old books, selling T-shirts, nothing is better than being your own boss.

5) Copying Notes: Complete assignments of your fellow friends and known associates and make their pocket money, yours.

6) Sell your skill: If you think you have a particular skill like making crafts, maybe you can paint well, you know how to play the guitar. Sell your skill. In the process of earning, you will improve yourself on a whole new professional level.

Online Model

1) Blogging: It is actually quite easy: Start your blog and create content. Market it to the crowd and attract readers. Once you have traffic to your site, start getting your income from advertisements like Adsense. Continue creating content and get monthly income.

2) Work-from-home Internships: There are a lot of opportunities out there in every domain starting from the web to marketing to sales. Some prominent websites you may refer:

3) Search engine Optimization: This is one of the skills that has huge potential if you can master it. Learn and be the best.

4) Learn Programming: This is the digital age. Every company needs a digital presence and they are out looking for talents. They are a lot of online free courses that you can use to teach yourself Web Development, Mobile Development (Android and IOS), etc.

5) Online Tutoring: Same as becoming a tuition teacher but having an online presence. It is effective because there is no barrier with respect to time. Just open your internet and voila!

6) Become a freelancer: If you are skilled and are willing to work, then hop into any of these websites and start completing projects. You will be getting handsomely paid because there are a lot of foreign clients too.

7) Online Surveys: If you are having free time then you can go to these online survey sites and complete it for some quick cash. Researchers and organizations are always looking around for data.

8) Affiliate Marketing: If you have a good online presence such as a blog or a social media page and have a wide social circle then by promoting products of companies you can be earning a lot. Instead of scrolling, it is time to earn.

9) Stock Market: Are you good with numbers? Are you willing to learn to trade? It is by far the most profitable of all. But unlike the above, it has its risks. The key to success is not being greedy. It is all about calculations and predictions. With a good knowledge in this domain, you will be sure hitting the jackpot.

10) Freelance Writer: Last but not the least. Everyone is looking for good content. If you have a good vocabulary and can easily pen down your thoughts then there are good opportunities for good income. You can also become freelance writer for blogs or websites such as MyEducationHub.com and earn money with your words. Get in touch with them using contact form at their site.
Some of these stuff may seem too easy or too vague, but trust me, buddy, if you are skilled and talented and most importantly willing to work hard then nothing is impossible.

Just follow your gut and keep on working and keep on learning. Be a cool earning dude in your college!

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