Daisy- A story by Asmita Aryal

Table of Contents

It was the season of Autumn. One Monday, I was walking along the bank of a river stepping on the brown and golden leaves that were parted from the trees. The green leaves on the trees seemed to be angry with me for stepping those fallen leaves, which were once their friends The season was a tragedy for the leaves, but for the fishes that twinkled with the dazzling sun, it was the happiest moment. They seemed to be inviting me to join their happiness. So, I headed towards the shore and stared them dancing in the water. I also felt like doing the same but I stopped my feet because I couldn’t swim.

I  was watching with great patience and somebody patted me on my shoulder. When I turned back I found a little girl dressed in a pink skirt. She was around five years and holding a pretty doll in her hand. I sat on my knees to be of her height. She was so cute. I couldn’t help myself talking to her. So I asked her name.”Daisy”, she replied. Really the name ‘Daisy’ suited her. She was as beautiful as a flower of daisy.

I must say I am introvert somehow but I guess she was the first person with whom I got attached emotionally at the very first meeting. She said about her family, her house was nearby and she was out there to play. We stayed together for a couple of hours then she left for her house. It was late already so I decided to leave. Next day too I went to the same place. This continued for several days and one day she showed me her house. It was small but beautiful with a little garden full of daisies, maybe because her parents liked daisy. I didn’t go inside because it felt awkward. I waved goodbye from the gate and returned.

Now it had become a habit for me to see her at least once a day. So, I was there at the same place the next day waiting for her to come. But that day was different. She didn’t come. I was worried but again thought maybe she had gone somewhere out with her parents. Suddenly I felt somebody patting on my shoulder, thinking it to be daisy I turned around.

I was wrong, it wasn’t daisy. There was an old man. When I looked at him, he seemed to be surprised. I was fine but he wasn’t and instantly he ran away. Maybe he stabbed the wrong person. I headed towards daisy’s house. As soon as I reached there I was shocked. The pretty house was all ruined. I mean how could this happen? A few days ago it was fine and all of a sudden it became as it existed many years ago. There were no more daisies in the garden. I went inside, spider’s web all around. It was dark and I couldn’t see properly. Something came under my legs. I picked it up. It was the pretty doll she carried. Something else was under it, like paper. I couldn’t recognize so I came out.

I came out and saw that it was a photograph. I turned it to look over but my eyes remained open.I couldn’t believe what I saw in the photo. The photo seemed to be pretty old as it was all black and white and in the photo, there were two girls-Daisy and Me. I mean how could I be there in the photograph when I clearly remember that I had never taken a single photo with her!

After this, I regularly go to the same place wishing to see her again as she left suddenly but she never came again. The thing that was left behind was her memories, the doll, the photograph and me with a question that I’ll never be able to answer.

“Who was she?”

Written by: Asmita Aryal