Its never be too late to start any good thing! Why not back to Nepal?????

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This is heart-rending reality that Nepal is loosing each brick day by day, that could give it support and that hollow is hardly going to be filled again. This is the Tragedy!

When I used to be the student of English literature in P.K. campus, reading Milton’s Paradise Lost’, one of my friends used to refer to America as Lucifer…the tempters figure for all the youths. I was somehow interested in her comment, but the tempt to come in this land of plenty was also my dream. I too was greatly tempted to have degree here, in this land of opportunity and the land of plenty.

Definitely, I came …having my own aim, own dream-dream of doing Ms here and once I came here and started to study and to analyze the people here..(I’m referring Nepalese, my own people), I somehow couldn’t stop myself appreciating the same comment made by my friend –America is like Lucifer. It tempts people and yes, people are lost in it; once they step here!

I’m here in Nebraska, Omaha, one of the 50 states of USA; not so big state, having big cities yet not untouched by the glory and beauty of America, again the land of plenty. And here, in this state itself, there are more than5oo Nepalese, most of them (90%) are youths…supposed to be the pillar of the nation. The same ratio at least or probably more than that could be found in almost every states of America. That means most of the Nepalese youths are here. Let’s think back to Nepal, think being cool…at at least one person from almost every home, if not from each home then relatives of each home of people living in Katmandu are in America! Let’s think to present your own people now…iisn’t it? This is just the simple calculation, very simple but doesn’t it make the big difference to the country that is slowly losing its support, and the power and the strength losing one- one brick of nation each day?

Why blame America? Why blame land of opportunity? The land of plenty and glory if it tempts? But if thought seriously, don’t we ever think why to blame people want to come to America? Why blame youths dreaming land of plenty when there are countless complaints they’ve for their country!

Yes, a human being is ever dissatisfying by nature but then also, if provided enough food- he never acts as wild hungry, if given enough chances and opportunities to make the future, to utilize their past- they certainly never desire to leave home! Yes, there is a fault in the home itself…something is lacking there…something that made people hungry and restless and depressed! Some fault, some gap, some void of a nation made youths discard it, leave it..Complain about it!

But, if thought seriously…more seriously when coming here…I somehow couldn’t stop feeling that its fault of people themselves, not only the country. It’s their never yielding greed and ambition that makes them point the fault of the country embracing the country where they ever are considered as the second citizen. Fine! One has to come here having the aim of the study, to quench the thirst of knowledge, to learn more, to do something…but once entered, once achieved the desired thing in a certain period ( not more than 5 years even if started from the root, to be under graduated as most youths come for the first time), WHY NOT BACK TO NEPAL? WHY AMERICA??

Living here, I’m proud to say that many Nepalese have learned a lot, done many good things (bad as well), earned name and fame as well. But then I feel so sorry why they continue to stay here in spite of returning back to the motherland to use the knowledge they earned, to enrich the mother soil by the things they have learnt and experienced! At this point, any sincere thinker and lover of mother soil’s heart aches with agony at the misfortune, the bad luck of Nepal that it is not getting its bricks back, its pillars back, its strength back, from whom it has expected a lot! People certainly have to spend a handsome sum of money to come to America, the money that they have earned from hard toil and if 74-75 Rs. has to be collected to be just one dollar, ha! And this is the thing- certainly the money- the greed, why to blame people when it is said that considering money, even lord Mahadeva opens his third eye! So in order to be rich- to earn more dollars, youths are trapped in the whirlpool…quicksand, they never can come out easily. Its really embarrassing according to the context of Nepal and the culture, the lifestyle there that their son/ daughter go to America and work as a dishwasher, waiter, waitress, cook, driver, mopper..and several likewise.

Though it’s the worst thing Nepalese have to correct their attitude that doing any kind of work is work after all and that it is not bad either. But in the temptation of some more dollars..(Nepalese never forget to equivalent dollar with rupees, how much he earns. doesn’t matter) why to do the same thing if not in home? if not in Nepal? This is a heart-rending reality that Nepal is losing each brick day by day, that could give it support and that hollow is hardly going to be filled again. This is the Tragedy!

Not only this, but when children don’t return after a long time and invite parents in spite, or the husbands to their spouse and vice versa, the generation start to discard the country for the sake of the youths. Parents, and then children. Love binds every heart after all! And once entered, hard to return again. Again comes calculation- if one earns 10$, three certainly 30$. Besides, hard to blame directly to the people. Why do they like to return?- return in the same void- the unemployment, less payment, the hard labour but little gain and in the present context of Nepal, besides ever-increasing pollution, the uncertain situation, the fear of Maoists and so many! No one likes to return back, instead, everyone wants to come here or there, somewhere, to escape from the danger, to run away from the reality instead of trying to save it, to do something for it.

The citizens, who used to be in a reputed position in own country, are doing very minor works as even a teenager- irresponsible students do. Why? For children’s sake parents are coming and living here and because of parents love and greed for this nation, many little children are being Americanized every single day and forgetting Nepalese culture and tradition- that is very heart-rending reality. If think twice, every couple living in America or every parent, without doubt, admit the bitter fact that this is not the healthy place for growing children, or at least to teenagers…the time when they can actually be moulded to any shape and design. And the culture, the tradition, the way Nepalese people are brought up, they can’t learn it. They became too Americanized and not let their parents instruct them the lifestyle they want to live! And once the parents realize their mistake, the value of their own country and rich culture; it becomes too late to be back again as they bound to live hoping for the betterment of their children.

So, for the youths, who are just enjoying the American way of independent life, not caring their own home, land and responsibility as a citizen where they were born, the land they should take as a pride, and the adults, the mature and decent citizen of the nation who have to give a lot from their own education and experience and lastly the children, who need to know the richness of our culture, tradition and religion, and be proud of our heritage of Nepal……I would like to beg just a couple of precious minutes to think twice after completing certain goal here in America, and thanking it from the heart, then why not be back Nepal?? Its never be too late to start any good thing! Why not back Nepal?????!!!

By: Shilu N Ghimire  (Nebraska, USA), Article from 2005 and still relevant.

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