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  • Sapana Sentury

    May 31, 2016 at 8:52 am

    Hi Kanchan,
    It’s good to know you too are a Humanities student. I am a Humanities student myself too. Yes, as you said people are going for the technical education which is also required in the modern times. But it doesn’t imply that the faculty subjects are no longer of any use. They have their own importance.

    Teaching is the best profession if you are good at your studies because this ensures excellent careers in this field. It is a noble profession. It is a very much respected position and especially for the women in our society if they can teach in the higher level in studies. It is a profession with very much benefits. You can have either governmental jobs or the private ones as per you try.

    And coming back to your questions. It’s not compulsory to be a teacher after you graduate through the Major English, in fact, it opens up some really exciting careers. It provides scope for the interdisciplinary studies too. And being English the international language who wouldn’t require a fluent English speaker in times.

    English graduates can apply for the government jobs in the Public Service Commission for the different respected posts. They can be independent writers. They can be the editors or the newspapers or the column writers or else along with the training in the Mass communication and journalism they can be very good news writers and news presenters in the Television or the Radio or the Newspapers who have a very good command over the English Language. Apart from these they can be translators of the language with the knowledge on different languages which is a very much required work in the context of Nepal these days where several NGOs and INGOs are launching different programs and conducting several projects.

    Similarly, the ultimate target of the English degree owners is being the Foreign Ambassadors for the country. Nepal requires many English graduates for maintaining the foreign diplomatic relations and for this purpose it requires these graduates in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to represent Nepal and carry out the works of Nepal in Abroad.

    Thus, it has got good scopes apart from being an English Teacher too….
    Good luck for your future……..