It is hard to make abroad study decisions

About abroad study decisions

Walking through the muddy and messy street of BaghBazar and Putalisadak with mind full of dilemma regarding abroad study decisions, don’t you feel surprised if you didn’t encounter with elderly people around you. What you all find is the large horde of hurried and juvenile youth of twenties, holding a clear bag of their original document, squeezing in crowd and walking quickly to reach the hundreds of Abroad Study consultancy advertised with big exotic and colourful Hoarding board all around the houses.

If you are a new comer to this area, remember don’t wait to let others to walk because it is overcrowded. You just push others and move ahead, either you will be left behind or it will take hours to just cross few hundred metres. These places have been the complete dominant as abroad study education hub in Nepal.

With the failure of education system in Nepal along with the added problems of Loadshedding, poor quality education, traffic, living cost, unemployment and many more, most of the youth easily dazzled with modern amenities and luxury are attracted with abroad study and the worldly lifestyle there. However, large numbers of youths choose to be an international student in better universities for quality, innovative and employment oriented education which freely provides them to consider their creativity, inner talent and help them to grow up with their own ideas and theme in life.


Choosing abroad study is not the simple decision you will be making. You have to prepare yourself to stay away in a completely different environment where you don’t have to expect to meet the people who will agree or obey you like your family members. You are going to leave your family, friends, all your relations and most importantly your girlfriend/boyfriend which is of course, not a simple decision to make.

There are few very important steps that you need to consider before you apply for abroad study, first you have to choose which country you want to apply for. USA/ Europe/ Australia and Japan have been very popular destination for the Asians students where they not only can achieve very quality education but also have opportunity to earn money.

Prior to medicine study and other undergraduates courses India, Bangladesh, China, Russia is also the major academic hub. Before choosing the country, you need to do enough research about its geographical and weather condition, the cost of living, academic cost, education quality , people there and  contemporary law of that country. Sometime the political situation of the country too matters.

After deciding the country, choose the universities you want to apply for. Is your university government recognized or registered one? Few years ago many Nepalese and Asians students were cheated in the name of UK universities. Now look for the available courses, the cost to complete that course, the faculties for your courses and their qualifications. What were the past achievements and records, available scholarships, infrastructure and the academic environment of the university? You can even contact with the alumni and get correct information. Don’t just believe in the sweets and dreamy words of the consultancy. You do research yourself and make your own decision. Remember no consultancy is coming to help you there when you are in trouble. You are on your own.

Another part of the abroad study is the financial cost. You need to be very careful and minute about the living cost and academic expenses there. I am sure almost all of the Asians parents won’t be able to fund their children abroad. So the major challenge is, you need to work and collect the money to pay your school fees and your daily expenditure. So proper study about the availability of jobs in the country you are going is needed. What are the likely jobs that you can get? What qualities and experiences you need to collect?

I am not trying to discourage or frighten you but be sure it won’t be that easy as you have thought and planned. You too might have heard about the plight of thousands of foreign students struggling and living in extreme hardship in UK and Europe. I don’t want you guys to share similar fate.

There are unlimited challenges and also the profound opportunities of abroad study. The most important factor is collecting the correct information and actual facts. If you just fall in wrong hand and manipulated by the false information, you are going to lose your money and also your career. If you get the proper course and best place to study, no doubt you will shine. So think before you decide.

Good Luck every one.

→ Written by Ashish Pandey for StudentsNepal.

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