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Writing an analogy essay requires practice and patience as it is not easy to find points of comparison between two things that are not closely related. Analogies are used as a figure of speech and idioms and help the reader in understanding the theme and concept of the topic in a better and refined manner. There are many such phrases which leave an impact and become memorable only by usage of analogy. But before writing this impressive piece of writing here are some things which you should keep in mind to help your reader understand your idea in a better way.

Good Idea of how things can be connected

Before choosing the subject of analogy it is necessary to look at things with patience and precision. This is because when you are comparing two unlike things, it is necessary to illustrate common elements so that they are easily understood by the reader. Coming up with analogy and then explaining something complex and subtle in terms of something which is simple and familiar to the audience requires a thought process. So you have to put in quality thinking while writing an analogy essay.

Hunt for apt words

Vocabulary is a very primitive tool when it comes to writing an analogy! Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you will get! It is not so easy to convince the reader about the sweet surprises of life until you put in every effort to highlight them with apt choice of words. You don’t only have to list out the characteristics but have to decorate them with appropriate phrases and examples which make your essay self-explanatory and engaging.

Discuss the differences

Sometimes if the content of essay requires you to discuss differences then it becomes significant to draw the attention of reader towards this distinction. Your essay should not leave some open and unaddressed questions in the mind of the reader rather it should end on a satisfactory note. In the context of the above example, life is full of surprises but it is not always as sweet as chocolate box, there is no harm in mentioning this harsh but truthful aspect of life!

Know your limits

Analogies are best illustrations only if they are not stretched too much! They have a tendency to limp and lose relevance if you don’t understand where to stop. So it is better to note down all the points which you want to point out in your essay and then cut out the ones which cannot be compared logically. According to , analogies are vivid and clear, their motto is to offer a persuasive picture and not to prove an argument. So don’t try to stretch and over connect them divinely!

An analogy is a perfect tool to enrich the content of your essay, expression and make it understanding and meaningful. You just have to be mindful of the tips above and ensure that you are focusing on explainer properly. So use your pen as a sword and make every word count! Like they say, “writing an essay is like baking a cake!”