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This is the question that is also answered and a visionary direction to most of the chaos of current days in Nepal. If every one of us could ask this question to ourself with keeping aside all the prejudices, biases and dilemma about what we want and how we can achieve it, we will get most of the answers from the question itself.

It was good to know, sooner we are getting the constitution. The matter of federalism has made me excited. Though I was dissatisfied with the way that state was divided. Though I was angry with the way that my district was divided I was praising political party for their bold decision to bring out the constitution of my nation, the nation which was never colonized, the nation which had a great history of bravery in the world war, the nation of ultimate peace and kind hospitality, the nation of Lord Buddha, the nation of the highest peak of the world and thousands so on. I am sorry that if I go on describing my nation, I don’t think I can complete this article tonight.

I was searching for each and every history and identity of each state. I was studying how these state can be made more and more prosperous. Though there was huge dissatisfaction on me about the way of division. But I was seeing fine silver shinning behind the dark clouds.I was seeing the prosperity and development of my people in the near future.I was in the hope people will coordinate and go hand in hand for the prosperity and development of their state. But after this continuous bandh,  I have faulted everything positives which I had dreamed about my nation and state is just moving away from me. Everything that was colourful is being converted into black and white. This bandh really had forced me to live in a nightmare . The nightmare where my nation is going and where we Nepalese are moving. The nation which should empower itself in good infrastructure, good education and good health services for its people, the nation which should move ahead along with growing economy China and India. Where are we moving to? Can these bandhs take to the destination where we have dreamed to be and wished? Does it help in attaining the double-digit economic growth rate? What might be the reason behind Nepalese entrepreneur’s extension of their business around the world? Do we have sufficient industries here or are we the larger exporters? And the most important question is what type of culture are we building up?

It’s time to think. Every citizen and the youth of technology and the internet should be aware of the fact where are we moving.I remembered a quote by Napoleon “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people, but because of the silence of good people.”So we must think about this quote. We citizens, who have faith in ourselves that we are good and what we want is peace, prosperity and development of our country. It’s time to think. It’s time to bring alternatives to bandh . If Sri-Lankan economy, literacy rate and a major one human development index (HDI) couldn’t be affected by its civil war. Same as, our GDP, our education and our development should also not be affected in the name of owns right. We must think the alternative of the bandh . Halting everything else transportation, school-collages, industry and so on, I don’t think it’s a good way to ask for owns rights. We too may have learnt in our social studies that others should not be disturbed while using owns rights.

What had happened to the people who find difficult for hand to mouth? Do we have the right to stop their food? What is child-right? Stopping the child to gain the education, is this what we Nepali had signed in UN child rights act? So it’s the time to act we all youth should think about it. We need to have an alternative to bandh.

Written By: Bibek Neupane

  • Absolutely, it is always says that altetnatives of bandh should be think , bandh is not solution it is a problem but bandh business is developing as our culture in our country Nepal. It should be stopped by breaking silence of good people!
    Very good Article Bibek!

  • Yea, absolutely. Being a fellow citizen it always makes me sad about the current situation of our country. Over a decade Banda has been like a trend to show unsatisfaction but no one is concerning about the bad impacts.Low rate of developmnent is an embodiment of this.As you said, this kind of act will certainly jeoparadise our lives, and will surely lead our country to nightmare.we always spend time by scolding leaders but have we ever realised about the responsibilites of ours??? We should pursuit the alternatives of Bandh and should pursue the path of peace and development. Bandh shouldn’t only be mitigated, it sholuld be totally abolished.

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