What is considered to be a good GMAT score?

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Essentially, a good GMAT score is the one which will help you to get admission to a renowned business school of your choice. By having a high score in the GMAT exam, it’s an indicator of your flawless intellect and academic prowess. A high score is a reflection of your hard work and determination of taking the GMAT preparation sincerely. By scoring a high GMAT score, you give an opportunity to the Admission Committees of the selected B-schools to judge your capabilities and assure them of not just taking admission but getting through the MBA program with flying colours.

The purpose of a high GMAT score is that it holds a high weightage in your MBA application. The GMAT exam has a score range of 200-800. Top business schools globally consider a score of 720+ as competitive. Still, there are some top programs where some applicants with scores lower than 715 are accepted. Although this depends a lot on the respective B-School’s score preference for the GMAT exam which is likely to change from year to year.

As a GMAT applicant, you need to identify the target score which you need to record and get admission into your target business program. Most candidates initially resort to identify their target B-Schools of their choice and research about the business program’s application requirements. Thereafter, they set the goal to seek admission to top-tier B-School which they can accomplish only with a solid study schedule, taking timed diagnostic tests, and referring the GMAT sample papers to stay upbeat with their preparation. Some applicants also try to reach out to the current students and the Admission Committee to get an understanding of the program and the culture of the respective B-School. This helps them in setting the target GMAT score and prep up for the test with full zest and vigor and record a high score in the GMAT exam.

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