What after SEE.. CONFUSED? Science, Management, Law and many options.

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After completion of SEE (Secondary Education Examination), many students face the problem of career selection. They get confused in choosing the best career which enhances their future dream. They don’t know what to do in the future. In Nepal, SEE (previously SLC) is regarded as the Iron Gate because it opens the door for higher education. There is always a moment of confusion among students which subject to choose and which faculty to make his/her educational pathway after finishing SEE examination. These decisions are made upon the suggestion of parents, relatives or friends. Some follow the pathway of their elder brother and sisters. Many of them do not relate their educational pathway connecting to their future profession. There is no proper career counselling in Nepal. 

Many students are familiar with Science and Management Faculty. Science and Management remain the most popular course in Nepal after SEE. Studying plus two is the most preferred choice for the majority of students in Nepal. According to the National Examination Board new legislature, students must secure a minimum of 1.6 GPA and at least D+ grade in Social Studies to pursue +2 courses in Nepal. Students can choose one of the five streams such as Science, Management, Humanities, Education and Law at grade 11. And currently, NEB has started Civil engineering, Computer engineering, Plant Science and Animal Science in Grade 11. Choosing the right stream is an important decision for students as it a backbone for the career in the near future. For student aspiring to study medicine, engineering or pure science in undergraduate level should study Science. Students can choose Management to pursue a career in management and business. In the field of Education professions like teaching, academic consultants, academicians are the job profile. There are many courses under CTEVT which are common and understandable by many students and their parents. There are various Diploma courses in Medicine, Engineering, Information Technology which can be chosen by the students.

Students can choose various courses according to their interest. Various fields are open for the student. Science and Management field is popular among the student. But still, the Legal field is unknown to many students and their parents. The legal field is also one of the most attractive courses for students who want to start their career in the administrative or legal sector. Law is an attractive and popular choice in any country because of its fantastic career opportunity. At past, there was a law course in undergraduate and graduate level in Nepal. But in the present context, a student willing to pursue law course can join plus two level in law. Let’s have some knowledge about plus two law in Nepal.

Law is an instrument to transfer static society to dynamic. It is the means to translate the voice of people to access justice in society. There is a lot of prestige in being the lawyer and it is a profession with a high level of academic knowledge and hard work required to succeed. Lawyer enjoys a strong profession status. Students of law can become an intellectual authority who speak up for the justice they can be the social engineer once they move ahead in this field with a good amount of hard work with no short cuts. The duration of plus two is of 2 years. The student who wants to study law at plus two level should have a 1.6 GPA in his/her SEE examinations. After completion of plus two law, students can move ahead in undergraduate courses like BA.LLB and BBM.LLB. In the duration of these two years, students go through different project works, presentations, research work, court visits and so on. The subject students have to study in plus two law are:

Grade 11: Comp.English, Comp.Nepali, General Principles and Theories of Law, Nepalese Legal Systems, Constitution Law.

Grade 12: Comp.English, Legal Drafting, Procedural Law, Civil and Criminal Law, Human Rights.

It is not necessary for law graduates to practice only in court but various corporate houses, law firms, administrative and judicial law. Some potential areas after having law degree are:

  • Advocacy
  • Judiciary
  • Civil Services
  • Research
  • Politics
  • Diplomats
  • Academics
  • Bank and financial institutions
  • Entrepreneurship

Some of the colleges provide plus two law programs in Nepal. Some best colleges for law program in plus two are listed below:

  • Uniglobe College (Kamaladi)
  • KMC (Bagbazar)
  • Nist (Lainchour)
  • Samriddhi college (Banasthali)
  • HRIT Academy (Basundhara)

Choosing the right course is most for achieving own dream and career. No student should choose the course with the threat of parents, relatives or friends. Every student has the right to choose the course they want to study. And every parent has a great role in helping their children while choosing the best course. The parent should not force their child to choose Science or Management. There are various courses which have its own importance for the development of the nation. Hence, at last, every course has its own importance in the future. So, I advise every student to choose the faculty that provides a pathway for your future career.

Written by: Roshan Dahal

  • We should decide and choose the subject according to our intrest and relating to our future professions. We shouldn’t choose the subject beacuse of the fear of the family or friends or due to fear of the judgement of people..noone can suggest us to what to do or what not to do it’s all up to us and our hardwork and dedication

  • Chhahari college provides all the courses like science,humanities,management.And we shouldn’t choose subjects because of friends or family it is all up to us to decide and our hardwork.

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