VJ / RJ Training in Nepal

Video jockeying is the art of introducing or announcing videos on commercial music television. As the name implies, Video Jockey responsibilities are very similar to those of Radio DJs, with the main difference being that Video Jockeys introduce music videos on TV, as opposed to introducing songs on the radio.

What does a Video Jockey do?

Video jockeying is so much more than about just being hosts or announcers. They chat up the public and make the show more interactive. They also interview celebrities. They even host game shows (Roadies, anyone?). With the popularity of television at an all-time high, the opportunities are limitless.

Video Jockey Eligibility Criteria

Since age is no bar, anyone can become a VJ, provided you have that driving factor and really get an audience’s attention. So literally, everyone is eligible to be a VJ. There is no any special requirements or criteria for becoming a video jockey.
Although there is no educational qualification required, a course in public speaking or elocution will always help you get an edge as it will make you a better speaker. Other than that, a course in mass communication will keep you up-to-date with the world and help you increase your interaction with the masses.

Recruitment Process

It’s all about your screen presence when it comes to video jockeying. Look good on camera, speak well, and you might just impress prospective employers. Usually, music channels go to drama or mass communication schools to scout for fresh talent.

Video Jockey Skills & Attributes

For you to become a good video jockey, you must have good people skills. You must be ready to work in a team and be prepared for different and changeable work timings. You must have a sense of humor and be able to think on your feet. A good screen presence will help you score brownie points.

Experience, Skills, and Personality

To stand out and gain a following, a Video Jockey should have a unique and pleasant personality and appearance. They should be comfortable around TV cameras and studio sets. They should also have a good speaking voice and be very articulate and personable – their personality must be projected over the air.
TV knowledge is very useful, and they should be aware of different camera angles, lighting, directions, etc. They should also be interested in music and should be up to date on current trends, acts, etc. It is imperative the Video Jockey is responsible, punctual, and dependable.

Video Jockey Job Prospects in Nepal

Needless to say, the audio-visual sphere is booming as music and entertainment channels are vastly popular with the youth. If you can crack this field, you might have a shot at other career opportunities as well: like soaps, quiz shows, modeling or even public relations!
Even if in a small market, Video Jockeys often become celebrities, and may be expected to make public appearances for station promotions, functions, or charity events. Sometimes, the Video Jockey will work as a Radio DJ on a radio station or at an event. They might also be asked to host concerts and more.

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