Value Schools Place on Education Degrees

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Good teachers are always in demand by schools and students. A formally trained and qualified school teacher can deliver interesting lessons for students to learn to the best of their ability.  I would also say, learning is not going to go out of fashion anytime soon as children are eager to learn and better themselves.

Did you have a favourite teacher at school?

Mine were when I was 7/8 and 13 (biology teacher) as they explained the lessons and taught in a way that helped me my way. I was not an easy child or a naturally gifted student.

What is an education degree?

An under or postgraduate education degree is a qualification student teacher’s study towards to help prepare and train for a career in the teaching profession.

  • Most common teacher qualifications:
  • Bachelor of education (B.Ed)
  • BA Hons education
  • Postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE)
  • Postgraduate diploma in education   (PGDE)
  • Masters in education (Med)
  • Doctorate in education  (EdD)

For many schools around the world a bachelor’s degree or PGCE certification is standard for a classroom teacher.  Advanced study in pedagogy and classroom management for example can be undertaken with a Med or EdD.

A teacher with a degree qualification in education is a trained educator, generally at a certain age level such as elementary or for high school. Not only a legal and professional requirement by government and education authorities, but for a school to be reassured you are a trained and knowledgeable teacher in your subject.

Teachers looking for a job in their own country or at a school teaching in Scotland, Nepal, Singapore or India know they have a valuable recognised professional qualification to help secure a job abroad, if required.

Qualities and skills as a teacher

  • Good social and moral character
  • Believe and practice equal opportunity
  • Good communicator, planner, listener and at presenting
  • Subject specialist knowledge, such as a business degree holder for teacher of business
  • Calm manner

There are in fact many skills and qualities a trained and qualified teacher possesses to enable them to deliver effective lessons. Government funded or private education schools delivering education at all levels know that any trained teacher with a good undergraduate specialist degree is a valuable asset to the school.

Preparation for class

A teacher’s day starts well before students arrive to class. You must be well prepared for each lesson for that day. My past experience as a high school teacher involved:

  • Lesson planning
  • Marking & grading work
  • Designing & writing lesson handouts and presentation materials
  • Compiling attendance and student progress data
  • School break time duties as a playground monitor

With teacher training and the years of experience you build up in the classroom you are able to first know what is required, plan for each lesson and implement change, if required.

Classroom lesson

The fun starts when the students arrive to your class to learn. You require following rules and procedures set by the school and expectations as a trained teacher.  Students arriving at the class may have questions from homework you set, and one or two may not be enthusiastic that day to learn.

Using your skills, subject knowledge and training the school expects you to encourage students to take part in active lessons.  Stimulating each student’s imagination, thinking, questioning, reasoning in individual and group work help with setting an effective learning environment.

Explaining a more difficult term or concept to a mixed ability class is a skill a teacher learns with experience while keeping to pace and time for each lesson. A good teacher also installs trust, encourages learners to participate in lessons, and formally explains the topic before asking, questioning & setting work to complete in class. You know as a qualified teacher how to teach the class, level and difficulty of work to set and expectations from different age groups in relation to student progress.

A skill I picked up as a teacher was the ability to use interesting and imaginative teaching methods to get students to concentrate on the lesson and not other distractions in or outside of class.  I recognised learning styles of students and differentiated each lesson with appropriate teaching aids, then set work to suit individual and groups of students.

Schools realise employing an experienced teacher with an education degree provide the best possible situation for students.  Lessons will be planned according to what students require to know to successfully pass tests & examinations to achieve very good grades.

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