How to turn your Internship into a Job

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As a student fresh out of college, landing an internship in the company and field of your choice can seem like the greatest happiness in the world. While interns are breathing their sighs of relief and eagerly showing up full of dreams of one day being hired as a full-time employee, it can feel extremely frustrating and disappointing to remain an intern and not be picked for the honor of being a part of the company permanently. Internships are the best opportunity for graduates to hone their skills and to obtain practical experience for future endeavors.

The joy of being chosen as a full-time employee from being an intern is unparalleled. The following 5 tips will show you how to get employed at your Internship:

1. Perform delegated tasks to perfection:

If you wish to prove to the organization that you possess the qualities of an employee, start by performing tasks assigned to you diligently and to perfection. Don’t skip or miss out on any instructions. Leave no margin for error and room for complaints. Employers notice interns who never make mistakes rather than those who overwork and then rework on discrepancies.

2. Use the Power of Observation:

A winning employee is the one who keenly listens to and soaks in all information, however minute. Whether there’s a talk on the company’s vision and mission or there are simple instructions being handed out, be fully aware and grab on to the smallest bits of information. When it’s time to demonstrate your thorough understanding, managers will be impressed by an intern who has the right answers quick and ready.
During the internship you can learn things about from your work-space such as blogging or something else which makes your scope wider.

3. Volunteer for important tasks:

Important tasks mean anything that makes you look good. In other words, tasks that make your prospect of being employed look good with key personnel in the company. Whether you’re helping your company to accomplish an extra task, for example filling up a form for banking purpose such as filling the account number or bank IFSC code which needed or you voluntarily come forward to fill in for a special task that might require you to stay back for a few extra hours, you will steadily make a good impression by showing that you are willing to be diplomatic and adapt to Times of need. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your health and happiness for someone else’s Leisure. Just make sure that someone is always noticing when you volunteer for extra work.

4. Get well acquainted:

A friendly and positive intern is usually the first choice for conversion to employment when compared to someone who’s extremely hard working but grouchy. You don’t have to be over friendly or invite everyone over home for dinner. But always keep your niceties in place. Smile and help people in need. In simple words, always radiate positive energy. The best way to get well acquainted with everyone is to remember their names and greet them whenever you meet them.

5. Make up for your lack of experience by being an excellent learner:

The quicker you learn and perform tasks to perfection, the more likely you will be labelled a prospective candidate and be chosen for important tasks. When it’s time to convert interns to employees, a quick learner is never left behind.
Being an intern feels exceptionally liberating at first but it can also be frustrating to see your colleagues get converted into full time employees. It’s important to intern with whole heartedness so that the company trusts you and recommends you elsewhere, even if you don’t make the cut. It’s also important to not stay as an intern for long and look for better prospects if you do not get converted soon enough.

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