Top 4 Best Collectibles for the Railfan in You

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All over the US, there are about 25,000 railfans whose hearts skip a beat with the mere sight of their favorite trains. These fans, also known as trail watchers, spend their free time watching trains come and go. Railfans have different ways of expressing their love for the tracks.

Some love to record what they see either through videos or photographs. Other railfans, known as mileage collectors, enjoy going on as many train trips as they can.

If you belong to the exciting group of railfans who find joy in the sights and sounds of a train station, some memorabilia can enrich your passion. These include railroad DVDs, maps, and track charts. Check out the following list that will surely keep your blood pumping.

Maps and Atlas

Maps and atlases would be great additions to your bookshelf. These fantastic pieces of work will answer your questions and bring a treasure trove of information. These collector items feature quadrant maps with station names, coaling stations, and mileposts. They also include interlocking stations, tunnels, bridges, track pans, and viaducts. 

As a railroad enthusiast, you can plan your excursions around these locations and cross-reference stations even if they are no longer in existence.

Fans who are already proud owners of these books swear by the level of meticulousness and detail of every edition. A copy or two can surely take your breath away, so you can aim to grow your collection to cultivate your love for trains and steam engines with these maps.

Railroad DVDs

Let the railfan in you relive historic railroad trips to exotic locations through railroad DVDs. There are many videos to choose from, which feature adventures on various steam engines meandering through breathtaking countrysides around the world.

The best thing about DVDs is that you can pursue your hobby whenever and wherever you are. Neither rain nor snow can stop you from enjoying the wonders of these locomotives. An entertaining video plus a steaming mug of coffee or cocoa will surely bring you a blissful day.

Track Charts

Track charts would be an excellent addition to your collection. They contain everything you need to know about the physical condition of railroads around the country. Track charts provide a wide array of information that every train enthusiast must know. These include curvature, track configuration, and grade. You can also find landmarks and infrastructures such as bridges, crossovers, rail yards, and stations.

You would surely appreciate the rich history of various train lines, construction processes, and the development of tracks.

Railroad artifacts

Railroad artifacts tell the rich history of how the tracks fueled the growth of the American economy and culture. It shows the role of the railroad in creating important business and transportation hubs. Examples of artifacts include lanterns, signboards, foundry casters, tickets, rail spikes, date nails, or short sections of the railroad itself.

Other interesting personal items also include antique conductor’s body bags, buttons, cufflinks, watches, and textiles.

These items bring a sense of accomplishment and connection to the grandeur of the trains and steam engines. Every addition to your collection is a piece of history that you can cherish forever.

The railroad life is a powerful journey that can enrich your experience in many ways. It is a link to a happy childhood and exciting adulthood.