Top 10 Ways to Get Money for College

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If you are a student, it’s hard to pay tuition fees by yourself, unless your parents or adults relatives help you, because you need to balance your classes with the job, which sounds impossible. One of the easiest ways to get money for college, besides grants and scholarships, is to apply for the aid package, a fund or live modestly decreasing costs, but it is not enough to cover tuition fees, commuting, and housing. The average price of four-year public colleges adds up to $10 000, which is quite a big sum for a student to pay. We won’t tell you how to go to college for free but if you are curious how to get money for college, here are 10 easy ways to get money for college and resolve your financial problem.

Part-time job

It is almost impossible to find a well-paid full-time job and study from Monday to Friday. Firstly, no one needs such a worker who would do hackwork, and there is no sense in studying if you are going to play truant and work instead of attending classes. A part-time job is always a good way-out for students who want to earn extra money. There are a great number of organizations ready to accept your flexible schedule in college. They are eager to hire students for multiple tasks, and usually, they offer positions of servants, food and beverages attendants or staff service.


Part-time job concerns official employment and demands your physical presence at work. But if you want to work independently, freelance is always a good idea. For example, you can be one of those writers, who are asked to ‘write my college paper.’ The great advantage of freelancing is that you can regulate your income by setting up a flexible schedule. There are many platforms for those who seek for a job, Upwork and Freelancer are the most popular among them.


If you are already the second or third-year student, you may try yourself at tutoring. Think carefully about what you are talented in, or what you are studying for and share your knowledge for money. For example, you can be a tutor of foreign languages, if you speak fluently in some languages or teach math if you are good at this. What if you are good at painting or dancing salsa or even makeup, you may help others to gain these skills. Even if you are the first-year student, overall, there is something you are the best in or just better than others are.

Crowd scene job

The interesting experience of trying yourself in crowd scene job is not for everybody because it takes some time and patience. Usually shooting of a one-film scene takes the whole day, but if you have a day-off in the middle of the week or, let’s say, don’t have big plans for weekends, you can apply for show contestant position or crowd scene job. They always need someone walking by in the background or driving down the street and offer you a well-paid day of shootings, usually with catered breakfast or dinner.

Sell your things

Besides employment, there are other ways to make money for college and one of them is selling something that you don’t need anymore. If you don’t have younger siblings in your family, you may set up a wholesale fair and sell your child clothes, toys or books. Make the organization of a fair on a high level to get importance to this event and sell whatever you already don’t need. If you are not a first-year student, there is an opportunity to sell your notes to the freshmen. In case you are computer game lover, you can easily increase your income by selling game accounts.

Money making Apps

It’s a dream of any student to earn money while studying without skipping important classes. Today this dream has come true with modern mobile apps. Not all apps are designed for entertainment. Some of them have another side and are aimed to make a profit without any special efforts for that. This is the best solution for quick and effortless income for students who are strapped for cash. The most popular apps for students are iBotta, Mobee, Fronto.


Modern people use different means of communication as the source of their profit. The social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook are no longer just social channels. They are means of social media marketing you can use to set up your little online business. If you have any ideas or startups, you can pitch your project and try to drive contributors to it. All you need is a good promotion of your project, but successful results won’t make you wait too long.

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