Tips for students to Improve Leadership Skills

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It is never late to improve your skills for any position you have reserved as skill polishing can open new ways to progress, but being a leader or a boss, it is much more crucial because lots of progress are dependent upon you. If you are a boss, you should be a conversation with yourself so often about your leadership qualities. Keeping yourself under observation will let you adopt new techniques to be a better leader. Leadership skills are of two types. Firstly, there are few qualities which you possess naturally, those are not adopted. These skills or qualities make a person a ‘Born Ruler’. Self-Confidence, Dominance, Dependability and strong capability of conveyance are the qualities which are considered to be the main characteristics of a ruling personality. Obviously these are the in-born features which cannot be comprised externally. The other set of skills is adaptable, improvable and questionable to be the best ruler. Here we are stating a few good tips to improve such skills that are consciously or unconsciously adopted by ruling people.

Be Enthusiastic:

It is a clearly known fact that you are the role model for the people working under you. It is not important to have a big team working under you, you can be in command of only 2 or 3 persons. The main point is that they will be doing what they will see you doing. So try to be passionate in every step you take. For example, if you are putting forward a proposal or discussing something new, make sure to put life in your conversation. Your employees must notice the excitement you are showing to for your new project and it will cause a positive effect on end results.

Always be on Time:

Time is the most important factor of any working environment. If you are always on time, your employees will automatically follow the right time chart. If they will observe that you are late so often, they will also show a on serious behavior towards their work and at the end, you will never come up with the desired results

Know your strength and weaknesses:

It is the most important point you must follow. Every person, no matter in which field or position he is, must know his positive aptitude, his plus points and his weak points as well. Knowing your strength makes sure that you pick the best job/career/position for you. You can put your powers to work for you. As far as the weaknesses are concerned, knowing them means you must work on them to have an improved personality. Never underestimate your weak points, if you will not have a good control over them, they will swallow the goodness or the strength of your personality and it will decrease the chances of promotion for you.

Follow a strong action plan to reach predefined goals:

Make sure that you have set some objectives or goals to reach and a sufficient time track to reach your destination. Your employees can be your best strength if you will set a purpose for them to work. Once the objectives are decided, make sure to set a concrete action plan which would be strictly followed. No loose ends will be accepted.

Be Positive and friendly:

When you say the word rule or lead, the first thing that comes to your mind is strictness, grumpiness and cruelty. However, these rules are obsoleted from the book of rulership. Today, people are highly irritable, sharp and confident towards their everyday dealing. It is therefore advised to adopt a positive attitude and be polite to your employees. It changes so many things in your life and you find a hundred times better results from your employees. If you will stay positive, people will get attracted to you and they will start loving you and your leadership. Being harsh will only distract your staff and they will start avoiding you and your instructions.

Motivate your Workers:

As we have mentioned previously that everyone is born with some special strengths which he can use to progress. You not only need to know your plus points, but also of those who are working under you. Same is with weaknesses. Suppose one of your employee is a bit less than average in his communicating skill, just encourage him to share his ideas. Make sure to offer a peaceful and positive environment for him to discuss about some topic or idea and motivate him by showing a Thumbs up for him. It will encourage him to work on his conversation and he will gradually improve.

Accept criticism positively and work on those shortcomings:

Being a leader doesn’t mean that you are free from be criticized, rather you are highly observed as you are the role model for a team which is working under you. Be open to comments, criticism and complaints. Do not act harshly if someone tells you that you are lacking something or there is something wrong about your decision. Take these comments and complaints as the tools to polish your personality. Encourage your team to let you know if they feel something improvable in your attitude. This will make a strong connection between you are your people and they will love to work for you. Feeling yourself superior will not work and your projects will meet failures for sure.

Take online leadership building course:

Internet is a blessing for those who want to learn something right form their homes. You can also get benefit by taking online courses which can make you a better leader. There are questionnaires, personality tests, quizzes, IQ tests, tips and tricks and lot more for you to learn and make yourself a better leader.

Work on your communication skills so often:

Communication is the key of leadership. If you are unable to tell your employees what actually you want them to do, you will not be able to get desired results. So make sure to have a strong grip on language and keep your speech simple and attractive. Your politeness (during communication) will let your employees come closer to you and have a better understanding. As far as the language is concerned, try to pick the language to which you have a better control so that you can properly explain everything to them.

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