The Invisible Hand; thoughts of Rupesh Ghimire

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Have you ever analyzed and brainstorm the reason behind your arrival to this part of life, and how you are here. Some of you might find this intriguing question unreasonable.

Nevertheless, the successful personality inside you is just saying, “Come on that’s my continuous hard work and enthusiasm to achieve the targeted goal, thus I am now able to stand firmly at this phase of my life.on contrary, the failure personality of yours is uttering, “well, circumstances and situation, along with betrayal from my loved ones was responsible for this havoc condition of mine.

What if I say there is the hell lot of contribution from the ‘INVISIBLE HANDS’ to shape you in your pathway to life. What motivates you profusely, the causal appreciation from people or the hatred, disbelief and unworthiness acclaimed by others to your personality? I am definitely assured that your choice would be the former. At least 90% believes that their driving force evokes out from the acknowledgement, admiration, and praise, whatsoever.

What if I say there are other external factors that you are unaware of which are but arousing your inner feeling for a successful accomplishment of new goals. Have you ever been in a relationship, yet? I bet you have. Have you ever faced a breakup, or discomfort in the relationship with friends, family, relatives, teachers, colleagues and others? If yes then, have you ever imagined how that shattered relationship of yours have helped you to move forward in search of your goals to life?

Do you have sometimes in your life been acquainted with a person who never really appreciates others work, be it your teacher, boss, Sports coach, Music guru, Dance guru or that ridiculous friend  From whom it  is hard to get any appreciation no matter how much you work your ass off. You might have gone through a lot of trouble then to make those dignitaries happy, literally through hell, perhaps. Still, have you ever identified how those very incident has made you stronger to fight further in your life and has shaped your personality by giving you a lively experience of those situations.

I often see teenagers, even most of the adults have hatred towards the particular person who had shattered their life sometimes in past. They, however, forgot that because of those evil “Invisible hands”, they are right in this stage of life.

The cruel incident offered by the ‘Invisible hands’ Is time and again shaping your personality and making you ready to fight this outrageous race to live. Stop it, people, stop it.  Hatred, love, sadness, happiness are all part of life. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Just for a minute close your eyes, bow down your head and recall how many of those invisible hands have you been acquainted with before coming to this stage of your beautiful life.

Written by: Rupesh Ghimire