Stuck in Student Debt? 4 Booming Industries to Help Pay Off Tuition

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These days it’s assumed that a college degree is important for a successful career. That notion may or may not be true, but what is true is that student loan debt has skyrocketed. The average college graduate leaves school with around $28,000 in loan debt. Here are four booming industries that may have nothing to do with your college major, but can offer jobs with significant earnings.

Real Estate Sales

Since around 2012, when U.S. home prices hit the bottom of the market, home prices have been steadily increasing. The demand for housing has bounced back and prices reflect this growth. Because they typically earn a commission on sales, real estate agents continue to benefit from this upward trend. Furthermore, the time a house spends on the market has declined, and so commissions for agents are more frequent. If you like to work with people, being a real estate agent could be financially rewarding.


When you went to college you probably didn’t think of construction as being a post-college job. However, if you’re looking to make money to pay off debt, a construction job can be a good start. It’s a big and growing industry. Annual construction spending in the United States exceeds $900 billion. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, workers in the construction industry earn an average of over $28.00 per hour. Another plus is that this industry spans the U.S. and is not just contained to big cities, making it accessible to job-seekers.

Freight Transportation and Trucking

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Another fast-growing industry, and one that may not readily come to mind, is the business of shipping goods throughout the country. In fact, as noted in this article from, freight trucking is the ninth fastest growing industry in the United States. Freight trucking services are in high demand and many companies like CR England are always looking for new drivers. Maybe the draw of the open road and seeing new places appeals to you. Many trucking companies run national programs, delivering goods to the far corners of the country.

Wealth Management

If you’ve just recently graduated college, you might not be thinking about your long-term finances yet, but soon you probably will be. Personal financial advising is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States, and you don’t need a finance degree to enter the field. People are becoming aware of the importance of having good financial health. However, financial planning can be complicated, so individuals increasingly seek out professional help. With a large part of the population entering or nearing retirement, their wealth management needs are also driving demand for financial planning services.

These industries are on the rise and offer opportunities to make money. Some jobs in these industries don’t require years of training, so are a good option if you’re looking to make money to start paying off student loan debt. If you find you enjoy working in one of these industries, they offer great careers, as well.