A story and dream of a Nepali Magician Saman Maharjan

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I am Saman Maharjan age by 23 years old all the way from Kathmandu Nepal. I am a normal boy with some streaks of magic in my DNA. It’s been like 15 years I am in this field but professionally, I am performing magic all over Nepal since 4 years. I create magic and perform for different celebrities, private peoples, street magic, corporate magic, stage and close up. I have been working for murphy’s magic Inc. based in Newyork, as a creator.

My story been something like i was inspired by the legend magician called David Blaine performing street magic. I felt so excited and mesmerized see him performing the illusions and I got interested it started as a hobby which has slowly turned into a passion and became a part of my life now. Another main reason to choose magic as my profession is my dad’s dream to make me perfect in whatever I do and his desire for me to leave an impression to the world and I am catching my dad’s dream as well. I have done much struggle to make my name and fame and remembering the beginning and the journey of my career as magician, I have found a reason to believe “everything is possible in life”.

What I love main thing is when I perform I perform for the smile of the people and for the entertainment so that people can forget all the troubles and all their stresses at least for the time I perform. This provides a lot of satisfaction to me and I think this is the beauty of this career as well. I feel proud for what I am doing this each and every day.

My dream is to help youth who have interest in magic and I want to create a team of magicians that can make this profession more appealing and more respectable in Nepal. This way we can participate in the reality shows related to magic in various parts of the world. A formal community of magicians is missing in Nepal and I am trying to create one. I have experienced that almost all people want to learn magic like small coin and card tricks and other illusions. Magic is the art that is of interest for almost all people so it has a huge scope of expansion if managed well. What I found out is many people who have desire to be a magician and want to make it a career leave in the beginning due to lack of motivation, learning resources and support. So, many potential artists are being lost due to a lack of proper support system and guidance. I, as a magician have a dream to change this fact and help young people step in this beautiful world of illusions. This will not only create more professionals but also increase constructive competition and better recognition as well.

  • Are you still in the country?
    I am from Kathmandu and I want to connect with you. I am also interested in magic and I have a lot of skills in cards and coins including cardistries and mentalism. I want to help you shape your dream more if its not fulfilled and doing so my dream will also be fulfilled.

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