Recruiting and Job Searching Trends – The Future of the Hiring Process

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Engineering and other high profile jobs have never been out of trend. Every parent wants his/her child to pursue these white collar jobs eyeing high pay scale. But now blue collar jobs have come into limelight. These job profiles are earning better than engineers and management graduates as proposed by the surveys.

Employers are now looking for skilled or semi-skilled employees and not those candidates with a mere degree and/or no talent. Even two out of five informal job profiles fared better than white collar jobs.

Not many know what blue collar jobs are. Even though most of the blue collar jobseekers belong to the bottom of the economic pyramid, blue collar sector is one of the important parts of the economy. Still they look at them mostly as unprofessional and uneducated laborers. Due to such myths, even if an aspirant has relevant skills he/she is forced by his/her family to not to opt for it. Proper awareness is needed to overcome their fears of blue collar jobs. Different movies like 3 Idiots, Wake-up Sid, etc. have given an all new perspective to look upon.

Trends to watch out:-

With the help of digitalization and increasing awareness of value of blue collar jobs, recruiting and hiring will become easier. From setting of interviews to ultimately choosing the best person for the job; it takes a lot of energy and time especially in the current job market scenario.

If one wants to stay on top of the current trend then they need to prepare more and walk in pace with the technology.

  1. Virtual Reality Simulation:-

From old fashioned in person to Skype, conducting interviews have evolved a lot in the coming years. It won’t come as a surprise now if one uses virtual reality for hiring process and assessing the skills of candidates. Putting the aspirant in VR simulation to see how they respond will outshine the trend of answering typical situational interview questions soon.

  1. Social Recruiting:-

Digitalization in India has brought new trends in job seeking and hiring process. Organizations and companies prefer to engage candidates via social media. Social media not only helps in discovering the reality of what the company is selling; it is also one of the major aspects in strengthening the brand value of the employer.

 As several surveys report, an average candidate reads at least six reviews so that s/he can form an opinion about a company. 79% of candidates use social media as a platform to seek jobs whilst the organizations and the firms have been slower in catching up with them as not many universities allow the aspirants to share a job on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. More social media marketing is needed for better employee/employer relationship.

  1. LinkedIn:-

LinkedIn has become an everyday tool for job seekers. Every candidate must have a LinkedIn profile and update it with all the necessary details so that the employers are up-to-date with their qualifications and skills. Even the organizations and firms are eager to hire blue collar job profiles through LinkedIn. Due to LinkedIn and Skype, the paper resume will finally fade out eventually. It will also help in contributing towards a greener environment by not using paper. Even newspaper advertisements have reached a new low due to digitalization.

  1. Gig economy and Self-Employment:-

From Uber and Ola to freelancing, companies have starting extending and understanding the employee/employer relationship. Many organizations and firms are now hiring “gig” employees who are not like regular “temp” employees. These are independent contractors who do not work as full time employees like “temp” employees. Self-employment has brought flexibility into the market with the choice to work remotely and this has also provided a competitive environment where end results tend to be better.

  1. Mobile and Google:-

How is mobile one of the leading recruitment trends when we have already discussed artificial intelligence and virtual reality? It is because the mobile devices outnumber the total number of people on Earth indicating how prolific mobile users we are. Isn’t mobile the last thing we look before going to sleep and the first thing we look after waking up in the morning?

Recent studies conclude that 45% of the job seekers search for jobs at least once a day on mobile devices and 89% voted mobile devices as one of the most important tool for employment. But not many organizations and firms have yet opted mobile applications as a way of connecting to the candidates.

Google has also been helping in providing jobs to thousands of employees using artificial intelligence to match their expectations with opportunities. With radius filter techniques like salaries, locations, etc. Google plays a major role in recruitment and job searching with the help of various job portals like Just Jobs.

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