Overview of Scholarships for Nepali students

Overview of Scholarships in Medical and Engineering fields for Nepali students in Various universities/colleges of Nepal

There are wide ranges of scholarships for Nepali students available in all the courses for the entire deserving student in Nepal and in all over the world provided by almost all the educational  institutions, universities and government of different countries. To succeed in receiving these scholarships you need to meet the minimum criteria and obligations of the scholarships provider.

This is a most recent list of scholarships for Nepali students for different courses.

For medical study


Institution Seats Examination date contact Eligibility /syllabus
IOM, TUMaharajgung 45+ 1 staffBDS –varies


AshwinStudents have to pass this exam to get admission in other colleges Exam section, Dean’s officePh-4410911




50% in +2Same as MOE


Ministry Of Education(MOE) Around 300 MBBS (varies)general 55%Reserved 45%

80-100 BDS

Mangsir/poush Scholarship Dept. MOEPh-4418169



50% in +2100%+5% added 0f +2

-0.25 for wrong answer

BPKIHS, Dharan General 17, reserved138 BDS August 1 BPKIHS,ph-025-5255555www.bpkihs.edu.np


PCB+ GK+ health science+ English
PAHS,Patan 9 full and 21 partial scholarships.(general and reserved) Mangsir PAHS ph-5545151www.pahs.edu.np


PQA+MOJAC, NACE, PCI, MAT and interview.Preferred:- Government school SLC
Indian embassy 8 (approx.) no result will be published. April Indian Embassy ph-4410900www.indianembassy.org.np


PCB+ English
Japanese Embassy 1/2 Jun/AUG Embassy of Japan PanipokhariPh-4426680



75% average in SLC and +2
Pakistan Embassy 6-10Reservation Merit list of MOE Embassy of PakistanPh-4374024 70% in +2
MP Jagadamba Guthi 1 male 1 female Baishak MP Guthi, patan dhokaPh-5542993



PCB subjective/objective and Nepali essay
Russian Federations 5 Merit list of MOE Russian Culture CentreKamalpokhariph-4416650 www.russiancultureinnepal.org



80% in +2Medium of teaching is Russian language
Chinese Embassy Varies Selection process on the basis of documents www.np.chineseembassy.orgHattisar, Kathmandu Medium of teaching is Chinese language
Bangladesh Embassy 15-20  October/ November Bangladesh Embassy BashundhuraPh-014390131



+2 and SLC percentage and biology score
Egypt Government 2-3(started from 2014) October/November Merit List of MOE Merit List of MOE


Apart from these many students apply to European Country like Finland and Germany where there is free education can study Medicine. However the teaching medium will be the national Language of that country. And it takes 7 years to complete the course as students have to do 1 year language preparatory course.

For B.Ph, B. Pharm, BMLT, B.S.C Nursing, BN, BMIT, BMAS

No of Seats: – not fixed, Varies with no of institutions and the courses.

Scholarships Provided by Ministry of Education (MOE)

Selection Basis: – Entrance Examination

Examination Date: – Varies usually In March Every Year

Students will be posted in various institutions throughout the country on the basis of their Merit List Order.

Indian embassy, Sri-lankan Embassy and Chinese Embassy also provides full scholarship to study in the respective country for the above country. Contact the respective Embassy office and MOE Nepal for the detail.

For all the above courses Institute of Medicine (IOM) too provides scholarships on the basis of entrance exam held with MBBS exam.

For H.A, PCL Nursing and CMA:

No of seats: – 250-300 distributed in various Nursing Campus all over the Nation.

Provided by CTEVT (Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training)

Selection basis: – Entrance Exam

Examination Date: – July/August

TU and PU also provides limited seats for PCL Nursing


For Engineering Study

Scholarships are provided by TU, IOE (Institute of Engineering) Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Seats available: – 200-250

108 in civil engineering and for other streams (Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, IT and Computer) each =24 seats for scholarships

Examination Date: – August Every year

Examination Format: – PCM (Physic, Chemistry and Maths).

Students have to pass the IOE entrance exam in order to get admission in the other private Engineering Campus affiliated to TU.

  1. Kantipur Engineering College, Dhapakhel, Lalitpur [view details]
  2. Kathmandu Engineering College, Kalimati, Kathmandu [view details]
  3. National Engineering College, Tachikhel, Lalitpur [view details]
  4. Advance College of Engineering and Management, Kupondle, Lalitpur [view details]
  5. Himalayan College of Engineering, Shankamul, Lalitpur [view details]
  6. Kathford College of Engineering and Management, Balkumari, Lalitpur [view details]
  7. Sagarmatha Engineering college, Sanepa, Lalitpur [view details]
  8. Lalitpur Engineering College, Chakupat, Lalitpur [view details]
  9. Janakpur Engineering College, Subidhanagar, Kathmandu [view details]
  10. Kwopa College of Engineering, Libali, Bhaktapur [view details]


Thapathali Engineering Campus also provides the scholarship for more than 200 students who were in the merit list of the entrance exam held by IOE, TU.


Kathmandu University –College of Engineering [view details]


Pokahara University College of Engineering [view details]



Purbanchal University College of Engineering [view details]


These Universities also provides limited number of Scholarships on the all streams of Engineering Courses in their respective Campus and affiliated colleges

Basis of scholarships: – Entrance Exam and needy and reservation.

Date of Entrance Examination: – varies according to Universities but usually in August and September Each Year.


Indian Embassy Engineering Scholarship

Every Year the embassy of India provides around 150 Engineering Scholarships for Nepali students in various Engineering colleges in India


No of seats:- 150

Selection Basis= Entrance Examination

Notice publication = March (every Year)

Examination Date: Mid May (each Year)

Age Limit: – 17 to 22 years

Eligibility: – 60% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English in 10+2 and at least 60% marks in PCM

Contact: – Embassy of India

336, Kapurdhara Margha

Kathmandu Nepal

Tel. 4410900, 4414900, 4411699

Website:- www.indianembassy.org.np


Chinese Embassy

Seats number not fixed

Medium of teaching: – Chinese Language

Opening date: – October/November

Contact:-  Balauwatar

Streams:- civil, BIT, Mechanical, Electronics and Hydro




  • for indian embassy , do we need to get 60 percent in pcm in agregate or 60 percent in each physics cemistry and mathematics (.that is individually)?

  • do we need to fill up separate form for bds ?
    or do we necessirly need to give bds entrance exam even after giving mbbs entrance exam to be elidgible for studying bds in nepal with scholorship or in paying category?

  • About mbbs
    Sir in india embassy which subjects is asked in entrance exam , and exam will be online or else ?

    What is jahadhmba mp ghuti ? Which su jects is asked and how can take part in exam ? Where isexam taken down ? After selecting on this wherr is our mbbs studies?

  • What are the documents required to apply mbbs scholarship in bangladesh nd pakistan embassy ? Can someone tell it’s eligibility?

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