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All about Nursing in Nepal including the different types of nursing courses (PCL nursing, B.Sc Nursing), syllabus of various nursing courses in Nepal, future prospects and salary scale of nurses, important dates and updated list of nursing colleges of Nepal

In this article we will be going to talk about two most popular Nursing courses: PLC Nursing and BSC nursing. You will get all the Information about both type of Nursing courses so that it will be easier for you to decide which option is best for you if you are still eligible for both the options.

The basic questions we will be answering in this article are:

  • What is PCL nursing and Bsc Nursing? Who are eligible for these courses?
  • I have just completed my SLC (now SEE), shall I join PCL nursing now or do plus 2 now and join BSc nursing after completing plus 2?
  • What is the average salary of nurses in Nepal and abroad?
  • Is nursing course only good if I plan to go abroad in future? What are the scopes and future prospects of Nursing in Nepal?
  • Can I do another course along with nursing, like IT, Fashion designing, interior designing etc?
  • what are the top nursing colleges of Nepal and what are the criteria to get admission in PCL nursing and Bsc nursing? How much does it cost to complete nursing course?
  • I am a male student and I am interested in Nursing. I have heard that there are male nurses in Australia and other countries but never heard about male nurse in Nepal? Can I do nursing ? If so, which college take admission for male students? How many male students are there in Nepal doing nursing, if there are any.

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Nursing in Nepal (PCL nursing and BSc Nursing)

Nursing in Nepal has been one of the major choices of female science students of plus 2 and also SLC passed students. In recent years statistics show that nursing education is the next big thing and the heart-throb of female students.

Many students willing to get their hands on into the field of Medicine and healthcare are attracted to studying nursing in Nepal. Nursing study is easily accessible, widely spread and heavily on demand with the rise of healthcare industry in the country.

There are two ways a student can get admissions into the field of nursing, one immediately after SLC and the second after high school or commonly known as +2.

PCL Nursing in Nepal

Let us talk about Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) nursing, a course of study which is available for the SLC students or 10th grade pass outs.The full form of PCL nursing is Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing. PCL Nursing  course is equivalent to high school diploma and in Nepal known as +2 and is very prestigious, professional and universally acknowledged practical training based scientific course. The nature of the PCL nursing is sensitive, preventive, curative, rehabilitative and vocational. The nature of the course makes PCL nursing an on demand career option in private as well as government setting but only after attaining a certification as a registered nurse from Nepal Nursing Council (NNC).

The PCL Nursing course is based on the job required to perform by the Staff Nurse at different levels in public and private sector’s health field in relation to nursing jobs. The curriculum is designed to provide knowledge and skills focusing on nursing related occupation to be carried out by intermediate level nurses.

Nurse with stethoscope in the neck.

In a total of the three years of PCL nursing course; the first-year course is offered to focus on basic nursing care in hospital and in the community. In first-year students learn the foundation of nursing practices and get to know about the nursing profession and healthcare industry. The second-year course focuses on preventive, primitive as well as therapeutic nursing care of the patients and students gain a better understanding of how to perform their duties and responsibilities as a nurse. The third-year the course comprises of the obstetrics and gynaecology as well as leadership and management skills that are required to perform the duties in effective and efficient ways. SO, the three years course in a mix of technical knowledge, managerial skills required to conduct the nursing occupation and training to gain other essential qualities to become a healthcare professional.

PCL nursing is a well-developed course of study which further leads to BSc. Nursing, Nursing and further to PhD and one does not need to worry about putting their studies to halt after completion. Some of the most recognized institute for PCL nursing in Nepal are Institute of Medicine (IOM), Bir hospital (NAMS), BPKIHS (Dharan), KU, CTEVTE, where as other option and boards are widely available as well in the recent days.

TU Affiliate PCL Nursing requirements

Eligibility: 50% and up in the S.L.C exam
Entrance Exam:  Around month of Bhadra
Selection Criteria: 100% Entrance Basis

Question Pattern: Science-45 marks| English-25 marks| Math-10 marks| Health-20 marks

CTEVT Affiliated PCL Nursing Colleges of Nepal

Eligibility: 45% and up in the S.L.C.
Scholarship Entrance : In the month of Srawan

Entrance:  In the month of Bhadra
Selection Criteria: 100% Entrance Basis
Question Pattern : Science-50 marks | English-50 marks | Math-50 marks |Total 150 marks.

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Dharan – 40 Seats
Eligibility: 45% in the S.L.C.

Entrance Exam: In the month of Srawan

Open-16 seats | Hill Districts-16 seats | Dalit-2 seats | Staff-1 seats |Full tuition Scheme 5 Seats

Selection Criteria : 100% Entrance Basis Nursing in Nepal nursing in Nepal is a 4 year program and is available in different colleges affiliated to Tribhuvan university, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University and finally Purbanchal University. Bsc nursing is a more concrete and specialized study of nursing programme which helps intermediate level students with knowledge, skill and employment competency required to function efficiently, day in and day out in the health care industry. Nursing helps a certified candidate to secure a middle level or managerial level position in a teaching institution, hospitals as well as corporate. It also proves ones illegibility for vacancy announcements in government sectors of Nepal.

Eligibility to study bsc nursing in Nepal

The candidate applying for nursing in Nepal must be a +2 science or science pass out with English as compulsory subject and biology as a major or the student must be a graduate of Proficiency certificate level nursing, either degrees are accepted until and unless from a recognized body.

Admissions and important dates for Bsc nursing in Nepal

Admission dates: August/September

Classes commence: November

Admission criteria: entrance exam


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  • I’ve completed SLC with grade ‘B’ and I want to study PCL nursing. I’m a bit confuse about PCL nursing and staff nurse. Are they different from each other. By the way I wanted to ask about other topic. I have got B grade in SLC so am I eligible to study PCL nursing or it’ll create difficulties on getting seat for PCL nursing. Which affiliation will be good to study PCL nursing. Is there any government affiliation to study PCL nursing in Nepal because I’ve heard about CTEVT affiliation the most. After doing PCL nursing can I get job easily in Nepal and in any other countries?
    But firstly, What is the difference between these two programs (PCL nursing and Staff nurse)? Is anyone here with the solution of my question for PCL nursing.

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  • Is there any difference between BN and Bsc nursing??if yes,among them which would be better??will i be able to start BN course immediately after +2??

  • hello sir who ever mame there is one student who pass the slc exam with c+ grade is she apply for staff nurse … ar not then tell mw the eligebrity criteria … for studying..

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  • What should be done to
    give an entrance exam?or,Can you just suggest me some ways for the preparation of entrance exam?

  • I have heard that pcl nurse will have higher post than bsc nurse. Is it true or the reality is different? Please reply fast. I need the information as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for above information.

  • Sir i m an Indian student and i want to study in nepal for bsc nursing is their any scholarships and which type entrance exam and when they exam are held

  • After PCL can we do job oo not??
    Or we have pass Bsc nursing to do job??

    As i am a new student i have no idea of diploma,bachelor….
    So in your view which one is better- after SEE a.first +2 then bsc nursing or b.diploma and then bsc nursing??
    The main question is either +2is better or diploma is better after SEE??? (for nursing)

  • My friends have passed +2 with biology subject . She had obtained D+ in Math in class11 and C+ in every subject in class 11 . On class12 , she got good grade in Eng, phy,chem,bio,Nepali. She want to do BSC nursing . She is afraid of gaining D+ in Math. Can she be able to read BSC Nursing or not because of Math?

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