My Yesterday Morning; one day of Ritesh Basnet

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May 15, 2016, Sunday | Today early morning I woke up at 6 am. As every day I wore up my trouser, wore a t-shirt, tied up a pair of shoes and I was gone for Morning Walk. I just tried too much I just wanna become an Indian Army which was my parent’s Dream. I saw too much people running here and there in that very early morning. I saw many students running to attend college and some are running for smoke some for tea and some were just sleeping in the front side of Chowk and some were sleeping on the front side of few shops.

The thing I wanna share is of a child. Actually he was the son of a boy who is just sleeping on the front side of a shop. That small child was just crying. He can’t speak a word I think it was due to cold or surely due to hunger. Yeah, I have just 20 Rs for my bean eating expenses. I took him to the hotel and buy a cup of tea and 2 pieces of doughnuts. He ate that all and asked for more. I don’t have money that I know but he don’t. I just asked for more and more. exactly he ate 6 pieces of doughnuts and 3 cups of tea. I told that little boy to go and make his parents get up. He suddenly ran with his barefoot and make his parents get up.

I was just sitting in that hotel. I know I must pay the money off the tea and that very doughnuts. I said to the hotel’s owner that I had just brought 20 Rs as my personal expenses and tell him the whole story do u know what happens the hotel owner aunt starts to cry her eyes become wet and voice become much thin and sweet. Recently I swear to pay that money after an hour but she told: “I have thought humans are being selfish nowadays but you are so much kind”. I replied “Aunt That Human who are being selfish nowadays is just a rich type people not the middle-class people like ours. Unexpectedly my eyes also become wet and don’t know what but my heart become to beat a bit faster than before.
I said aunt ” I must go now I will bring rest of money after an hour “

I go to home have a shower and as usual, I went to my shop to have some Income Paid the Hotels Credit. I think whenever people want to do something either you have lack of money or any economic status it doesn’t matter. Just you’re helping hands are most valuable for those very decent people.

Written by: Ritesh Basnet |