Must read Investing books for great investment advice and insights

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Due to the risks involved in investing for the first time, a potential investor will need to have sufficient information about alternative investment projects. This will help him to select the best plan that best fits his interests. One can get such information from some written investment books. Such books are designed not only for the beginner but also have good topics that any level investor can find useful.

To get started in investing, below is the description of the best-written investment books:

Millionaire Teacher by Andrew Hallam

The book gives the basic strategies that can be applied by anyone with the intention of starting a business. The book also has other significant aspects like: it’s simple to read and avoid a lot of technical fluff. It also focuses on what you want to know and when you want to know it.

A random walk down Wall Street by Burton Malkiel

The book explains clearly and makes solid arguments about diversification, index funds, and portfolio allocation theories. It serves as an excellent educational tool for the beginners on how they should craft their investments to be in a position to keep up with the total market with time.

Common stocks and uncommon profits by Philip Fischer

Investing in stocks entails more than just value investing.  Fischer goes beyond the focus on growth by highlighting 15 points of investing which all investors can benefit from. Adding this book to your investment portfolio will give you a valuable and different perspective.

The interpretation of financial statements by Benjamin Graham

The book stresses the importance of understanding the individual stocks before investing in them. Its use gives you the understanding on how to invest in individual companies. It exclusively details how to analyze financial statements of individual companies; that’s why it’s good for any investor to have this book if he/she has a vision of going beyond the proxy votes and annual reports.

The intelligent investor by Benjamin Graham

This book mostly deals with technical issues. It is most applicable when an individual investor is finding and evaluating different companies to invest in. Being godfather of value investing, Graham’s book emphasizes the critical value investing strategies which apply to all investors. It offers an excellent place for one to get started.

Stocks for the long run: the definitive guide to financial market returns and long-run investment strategies by Jeremy Siegel.

The Siegel’s book is also called the “buy and hold bible.” It convincingly argues that after accounting for the inflation, equities are the safest investments in the long run.

Common sense investing: Unique way to guarantee your fair share stock market returns by John C. Bogle

Investment is more about common sense. John C. Bogle argues that one should hold a diversified portfolio of stocks for a long term to be successful.

Buffetology: the unexplained strategies that have made Warren buffet the world’s most famous investor by Mary Buffet and David Clarke.

This book provides an excellent introduction to Warren buffets investment approach. It also offers the analysis and profiles of 54 “buffet companies,” reading it will give a qualitative discussion of the buffets investment techniques.

One up on wall street: how to use what you already know to make money in the market by Peter Lynch

Being one of the most successful investors ever, peter lynch brings into details how average investors can overcome pros using what they already know. He argues that opportunities for investment are everywhere and that paying attention to the best ones can find a potential investor companies to invest before professional analysts discover them.

Competitive strategy: Techniques for analyzing industries and competitors by Michael Porter

The porter’s competitive strategy has brought transformation in practice, theory and learning of business techniques across the world. In his book, he explains his five forces that help investors in analyzing the attractiveness of the industry and also three forms of company strategy: differentiation, low cost, and focus.

The Ascent of money: a financial history of the world by Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson uses the money to bring into details the human story behind the unfolding of the economic system. In his book, he argues that the evolution of debt and credit was as essential as any new technology in the rise of social well-being. Reading this book will inspire one on how to make fresh viable and substantial investments from scratch.

These are not the only books. You need to find more on It is worth noting that the world’s most successful people and the most successful value investors are rapacious readers; always on the lookout for new investment ideas to improve the existing or put up new investments. At the starting point, potential investors are advised to engage themselves into lifelong self-learners through ‘ravenous’ reading. This can be a significant contributor to their success other things held constant.

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