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Microsoft Excel – Advance Reporting Functions

Introduction: Take your analytical skills to the next level and design world-class & advanced reports. This is the opportunity you simply can’t afford to miss. This highly practical, hands-on program is specifically designed to strengthen your data presentation & reporting techniques plus to brush up your skill, techniques and approach towards MS Excel from Basics to Advance level.

Do you often get in trouble while presenting your reports?

Presenting your reports in an effective style is the key to success and Reports are the most splendid technique to present your data. These training sessions contains what is the pure essence of MS Excel, and how you can use it to the fullest at your operating level to communicate important information to your audience. These training sessions will help you to design and use interactive built in functionalities of MS Excel to serve your day to day purpose.

This program is designed for Entrepreneurs, Business Executives & Managers, Consultants, NGOs’ staff, Financial Analysts, Accountants and any other Professionals reporting to Donors, BOD, top management and external stakeholders.

Facilitators’ Profile:

CA Suresh Singhi – ICAI, ICAN, BCom

A passionate, team-spirited and result oriented professional seeking to pursue his interest of providing professional training in order to cater the ever growing needs of professionals in corporate world whereas on the other hand to provide a professional edge to individuals seeking to meet those demands. Beside Excel, I have 7 years of working experience in field of Audits, Accounting & Financial reporting with specialization in Manufacturing Units.

Duration and Timings:

Estimated duration for the entire training session is 3 Weeks with daily morning sessions of 1.5 hour (Including half an hour of practice). Timings shall be 07:00 AM to 08:30 AM We also have a similar session of 1 hour (Practice time is Omitted). Timings are 08:31 AM to 09:30 PM.

Beside that classes can also be organized on Saturday depending upon the need of the organization.


ITAS IT and Accounting Solution Pvt. Ltd | Opposite to Shankar Dev Campus Putalisadak, Kathmandu.

Medium of Communication: English & Nepali

Training Fee (Per Head): NPR 6,000.00

Group Discounts (From Same Organization): 5% for more than 2 participants


1st Level

1   What is excel

2   About Basic terminology – Preface

3   Differentiation between Number & Text

4   Keyboard shortcuts – Basic & Advanced. Uses of Arrow & Enter Keys

5   Formulaes, Uses of operators & order of operations

6   Built in function like sum, average & ways of applying efficient formulaes

7   Other functions like Count, Median, Sumif, Countif

8   Cell reference – Relative & Absolute Cell reference

9   Assumption tables

10   Basics of style, Number formatting & Round Function

11   Basics of Charts

12   Page Setup

13   Data formatting required for Data analysis

2nd Level

1   Assumption tables – Worksheet reference & workbook references

2   Vlookup Functions – With Examples

3   3D Reference

4   Detailed Sumif – Within worksheet & Other worksheet reference

5   Cell contents, Comparative Operators, AND, OR, IS, IF Functions followed with further detailed examples

6   DATES & TEXT Function- Detailed Review along with Concatinate Function

3rd Level

1   Data – Importance of a proper format & Types of Bad Formats

2   Excel Table – Basics, Nomenclature, Formatting, Styling, Designing

3   Sorting – Basics, Multiple Sorting, Color Sorting, Directional Sorting

4   Filter – Basics, Different types- Date, Text, Color, Custom, Copying Filtered Data

5   Subtotal – Basics, Types, Single & Multiple Subtotaling

6.  Advanced Filter – Basics, Detailed Explanation covering single criteria, Criteria – And/Or, within worksheet & different workbook, Extraction of unique records, Data extraction using True/False functionalities.

7   Pivot Table – With Multiple Illustrative Examples

4th Level

1   Conditional Formatting – Few Examples

2   Scenario Analysis, Data Tables at different levels and examples & Goal Seek Function

3   Importing Data from various external sources

5th Level

1   Order of Precedents, Average Function & Revision – Nature of Text & Number

2   Errors: Types & Reason & Fixing Others Spreadsheet

3   Custom Number & Date Formatting (CNF,CTF) with Illustrative Examples

4   Detailed understanding about Round Function & Paste Special utility along with Freeze Panes

5   Whatifgoalseek Function

In-House Training: We also offer this training for your organization as an in-house event and accordingly the above list, topics as well as levels can be customized for your organizations’ specific needs.

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