Mission statement for Volunteering group

  1. For every account created studentsnepal will add Rs.5 to the StudentsVolunteer group fund which will be working on the affected area soon.
  2. We will form teams of 1000 volunteers with 20 team leaders and work as volunteers in the affected areas.

1000 active students volunteers.

  1. To know actual status of the affected and work for humanity whenever needed.
  2. Making permanent volunteer groups with youth experts and being in standby for any unexpected future tragedies.
  3. Helping and managing volunteers who get stuck themselves and boosting them with fresh hands.
  4. Aggregating the donations and helps collected by local groups and taking it to the affected area.
  5. In long run collecting the information about fund utilization by governmental bodies and giving positive pressure to the bodies to use funds in the most effective way.
  6. Collecting statistics in micro level and communicating it to the related bodies.
  7. Helping the volunteers working in those places so that they can concentrate on their missions and help as many victims as possible.
  8. Collecting information from various affected areas through social Medias and rushing to the targeted areas with needed stuffs.
  9. Talking to experts and communicating their messages (visual and written) to other volunteer groups.
  10. Working as a bridge between various helping hands and victims.
  11. Raising awareness among the survivors and helping them psychologically (by including related experts in group)
  12. Forming a marathon group of volunteers so that the actual needs can be relayed and carried on in a speed.
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