How to Make Friends Before You Even Get on Campus

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If you are counting the days before college starts, you did it! You have gone through the ordeal of filling out applications, writing essays and getting an acceptance letter from the college of your choice. But, does this mean that your worries end here? The answer is no. Even though you are just about to experience the best years of your life, there are still some things to worry about. Starting from textbooks ordering to figuring the class schedules – everything can be overwhelming.  However, this can all be easier if shared with friends, right?

You are about to attend a school with no familiar face in a crowd. Believe it or not, even one friend can make all the difference for you, especially in the rough patch of getting used to and learning everything about college life. So, how do you go if you want to make new friends in college? Here are some tips that will allow you to make connections before even being on the campus:

1. Pull on Every Connection You Can Find

The first step to finding a friend in college is to pull on existing and new connections. What does this mean?
There are two options you can choose from when seeking a link to your new college friend:

• Connect with a high school alumni
It does not necessarily have to be a student who is currently attending your university. You can even find one who attended the school and is a recent grad. Ask the alumni if they are up to meet for a cup of coffee or lunch. You would be surprised how a distant relationship can turn into strong friendship.

• Connect with a college scholaradvisor
A good advisor can guide you on the path to creating the best college experience. If you tell them what you need, these people can help you make connections with the right people and build friendships in the way.

2. Find the Roommate

Check the student portal to find the roommate assigned to your room. This is the person you will be sharing a room with for the next year, so do not be shy and get in contact immediately.

3. Use the Social Media

You are one of the millennials, which makes social media the biggest tool for making connections. Take this into your advantage and use the social media as a helpful tool for connecting with the classmates. The best thing you can do here is join the class Facebook group. Very often, such groups are open to upperclassmen that help answer all the questions you have about the college life. In many cases, the college itself organizes these groups, but even if there is no official Facebook group, students never fail to put it together. You do not know if there is one? Of course there is. Every class nowadays has a Facebook group to be able to communicate better. When you find such a group, introduce yourself. Do not be afraid to ask questions and advice. If you want to strike up a new friendship, you must get in contact with other students.

4. Go to a Meetup

Chances are there is a meetup in the area for your college. Colleges often host events for new students and help you meet people before freshman year starts. If there is not, why not host a meetup yourself?

Hosting a Meetup

In the case there is nothing official taking place, you can always use the Facebook group and propose a meetup with your future friends! When hosting the event, make sure to find a public space everyone can easily access. This is not only a way to ensure that everyone will be able to come, but you want your future friends to feel safe. Even if it is out of your comfort zone to speak to new people, this is the time to get over that fear. These people are students you will meet every day, so be sure to be friendly to them.
Do you have other suggestions for making connections before the freshman year begins? If yes, feel free to share them with other students who anticipate the beginning of college life!

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