Life’s a long journey, and you’re the pilot

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“Don’t let that hero in you die, keep on making mistakes, keep on challenging yourself ,Keep on experimenting yourself -life is short and you have a long journey to travel”

What made you the person what you are today. What shaped your personality and values that you now perceive more stupendous and most concrete than others. What installed an undeniable and irresistible attitude inside you? What persuaded you to feel like the lucky star in this colossal world? Is it your friend who gave their hands during your uncanny downturn, or your family who were there for you in every failure, or was it your role model who gave you the inspiration to move forward no matter how many difficulties you have faced. These are some of the so-called ubiquitous reason one can imprint on Gulliver for their success and/or failure.

Do you know that you are the most beautiful person in this entire world? Some of you might, right at this moment giving me that disdain look, you might be like, well everybody knows that or at least everybody perceives themselves as beautiful and charming. Let  me acknowledge it, you are on right track – If you are geared up to admit yourself as beautiful, not only with physical outlook but also mentally, emotionally and psychologically, then half of the work is done, the other half you will figure out soon enough. You’ll face hundreds of thousands of climacteric circumstances, but if you have faith in yourself nothing in this gruesome world can stop you – you’ll carry on with everything you have to accomplish whatever profound you desire. Never would your journey to the life that easy like one imprinted in a book, nor like any fairy-tale you used to hear and/or read about. Life is hard and it will #### you to the moon and back, unexpected surprises would baffle you, you will rather accumulate many foes than friends, but one thing that must be locked with a key is your compassion, determination, perseverance and enthusiasm towards your ultimate destination.

What if I chanted, “everyone who enjoys surprises put your hands up”? I reckon I would get 99% of hands up in the air, flying like a bird. Who doesn’t love surprises, what an absolute useless question I am throwing onto you, Isn’t It? But hey, do you really like surprises, no not at all. You like surprises what you expect to get. If surprises come unexpected and uninvited in our life, you’ll name it either as a problem or miss-fortune. The surprises you expect would make you joyous for a short period and is transient in nature, but if managed properly, the uninvited surprises will provide you critical and pragmatic knowledge, experience, enhances your analytical power, which in turn will shape your values and principles to live. If you can handle those surprises in a fruitful manner rectifying your ineffectiveness and purifying your soul with positive vibes and emotion, no one can stop you from kissing the pinnacle of success.

Sometime in your life, having done everything right, however, a sense of emptiness arises that will simply make you feel crummy and humiliated; so robust that you cast off the plot in your life. This often occur due to end of relationship with someone who you cared most, or having being treated worse by your family member, or having being offended by your close friends, which will eventually foster stream of paramount emotions inside you ; an emotion of dissatisfaction, an emotion of guilt, an emotion of despair, an emotion of being worthless. Emotion simply means energy. Use that emotion in a confirming way, which would bring a hell of a change in your life. For instance, if you are deep down hurt then try to figure out what went wrong, and no sooner should you rectify it. History says it all, an emotionally disturb person can achieve a lot more than one who is emotionally stable, the only difference is how you will systemize and consolidate your emotions.

Having enunciated all these propositions, my point is, one who is responsible for positivity in you, or negativity in you; your failure, your success, your principle, yours values is no one but you. It is a no-brainer that your role model, family, friends, relatives, partner have endorsed  and/or motivated you to the fullest during your pugnacious time, but it’s not them it’s you who made the right decision to neutralize that particular situation. So take out a little of your precious time, and give yourself a round of applause. You are a true hero, an inspiration and a live example of what one can achieve if they are determined enough. Don’t let that hero in you die, keep on making mistakes, keep on challenging yourself ,Keep on experimenting yourself -life is short and you have a long journey to travel.

Written By: Rupesh Ghimire