Information Technology Jobs | Career choices for IT students, graduates

A comprehensive list of Information Technology Jobs along with scope, future prospects, average salary scale, expertise requires and career path for the respective Job

Modern society is becoming more and more reliant on the use of technology and this has indeed created the demand of experts in the field of Information and Technology. Thus, IT has become one of the most popular subjects of choice for the students in Nepal as well as globally. The world is witnessing the use of technology in almost everything. There are a wide range of career choices available for students after completing an academic degree in Information technology or a student with sound IT knowledge and practice. Information Technology provides a very attractive and lucrative career opportunities if studies with passion.

Here are the top career opportunities for Information technology graduates or Information technologists in no particular order.

System Analyst | Scopes, Career path and Salary scale of System Analyst in Nepal and abroad

 The system analysts are responsible for performing the feasibility study of systems. The scope of system analyst is broad and is of senior level. They prepare software requirement specification based on the requirement of the stakeholders. I will prepare an article about the scope of system analyst in Nepal and the career and future of IT graduate with specialization as system Analyst later.
The average salary of system analyst in Nepal is 20000-40000.

Web Developer | Scopes, Career path and Salary scale of Web Developer in Nepal and abroad | Qualifications, Skills, knowledge required to become a Web Developer

Web-development is the most popular route an IT student takes apart from software development and web designing. Web designing as a career choice is covered in the list below. A Web developer is responsible for the development and maintenance of websites and web applications. There are many programming languages on which developers can specialize. Web developers can select any one of the programming language as a development platform among PHP, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, Perl, Ruby on Rails. Currently, there is a huge scope of PHP and Asp.Net in Nepal. A lot of software companies choose PHP5 as a development platform since it the most used and most popular programming language that powers almost 75% of the websites that are live today. Source:

The average salary of Web Developer in Nepal is around 30000. Web developers can work as freelancers and gain extra income apart from their regular jobs. At start a web developer can make around 15000-20000 with a few projects. The income and work increases with a strong profile build with previous experiences and jobs completed. Web Developer is one of the most popular Information Technology Jobs.

Project Manager | Project manager as a career choice for Information Technology student/graduate | extra qualifications to support this job role | Average salary scale of project managers in Information Technology projects.

Project Manager is the one who is responsible for managing the project. The role of project manager is vital in any project be it a small project for building an accounting software for a mid-sized organization or building a vote recording system for a country election. A Project Manager coordinates the project related communication with clients and manages the development team, select the sub-team members, distributes project jobs among the team members and sub teams, tracks the progress of the projects and analyzes them, evaluates and reviews the progress of the project and make the necessary amendments where required. In the context of Nepal Project Manager has very good scope in software companies and other IT related projects. MBA in IT will be a great option after IT degree if you are inclined towards managing things.
The average salary of Project manager in Nepal is around Nrs. 25000-35000.

Software Developer | Details of  Information Technology Job as Software Developer | Scope of software developer in Nepal | mobility, sell-ability and future scope in local and MNCs Nepal as well as other countries

Software developer is responsible for developing software. This is a great career choice for anyone who has a passion to build something and capable to play with codes and computers. Apart for a sound knowledge of techniques and software development, they should have good programming, problem solving and analytical skills. There are tons of development platforms to choose from for developers. Some of the most popular development platforms where software developers can start working are VB.NET, Visual Basic (VB), Java, Delphi, and Oracle Business Intelligence.
The average salary of software developer in Nepal is around 50000-60000. The income vary dramatically with the level of expertise and experience. Software developer is one of the highest paid Information Technology Jobs.

Web Designer | Web Designer Scopes, Career path and Salary scale of Web Designer in Nepal and abroad | Qualifications, Skills, knowledge required to become a Web Designer | Web Designer VS Web Developer | Routes to become a web designer

This is also one of the  popular and interesting Information Technology jobs with a good future scope. Web designer is responsible for designing the web sites and web applications. Web designer should have knowledge of Photoshop/ Fireworks, HTML/CSS, JavaScript/ JQuery, little bit of programming languages, graphics editors etc. Anyone in the position as Web Designer should be creative and imaginative enough to make attractive websites and interfaces. The first thing a visitor notice in a website is its layout or design so web designers are the one who will be responsible for the first impression for any visual web project.
The average salary of web designer in Nepal is around 20000-40000.

SEO/ SMM Expert | Attractions of SEP expert or SMM expert as a career choice for Information Technology graduate

IT graduates can also work as a Search Engine Optimization specialist and social media marketing specialist. SEO and SMM are really hot today. Anyone with a good IT knowledge and a smart brain can reap some fortune with SEO and SMM skills. They should possess sufficient skills to do online marketing of businesses (websites) by ranking them high in search engines. Organic search visitors are really important for growth and success of companies today specially service industries and e-commerce businesses. SEO experts help companies to attract more customers by ranking their websites higher in search engines like google, Bing etc. SEO technicians or experts also use social media and networking tools like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc in promoting products or services online. These days, the need of SEO expert is increasing globally and in Nepal too.
The average income of SEO and SMM experts is around 50000-80000 in Nepal

Database Developer/ Administer | Another popular and good paying Information Technology jobs ; Database Developer/ Database administer

All information is collected at back-end and to access, retrieve or update knowledge of database is must. The importance of Database Developer has been evergreen. No company can thrive with expert Database Developer. For software development, it is as important as meat-cutter is to butcher. A Database Developer should have good knowledge of database design, SQL since it will be used while creating software, websites and web applications. Popular database systems used by database developers are MySQL, Oracle, and MSSQL. With the rise of number and quality of development companies, there is a growing demand of good Database Developers.
average salary of database developer and administrator in Nepal is 30000 to 50000.

QA (Quality Assurance) Officer

Quality assurance officer are responsible for ensuring the quality of the software and web applications. Quality assurance officers check whether the programs (software, applications, websites, apps) are being developed in the line that’s expected. This is a continuous process and requires a great deal of attention and expertise. There is a good scope of semi qualified QA officers in Nepal. Experienced QA officers lack recently in Nepal so they are hired from India for big projects. So, anyone with a good knowledge of the tasks and has a good experience of working as quality assurance officer has so many opportunities inside Nepal. With a good profile, QA officers can sell themselves well in abroad too.

Technical Writer | Career choice of Information Technology student as Technical writer

Responsible in creating documentation of the software and web applications. They are also responsible for creating user manuals, change logs, installation guides, document the replies of support, FAQs and other related technical writings. Technical writing is relatively a newer profession in Nepal.

Other popular career prospects and Information Technology Jobs in the  IT industry are:

Graphics Designer – Responsible for graphics (images, GIFS, animations) designing and creating visually attractive and stable designs.
System Administrator – monitoring the system and reporting the findings to respective departments.
System Engineer
Network Engineer – Popular IT jobs in telecommunication Industry
Animator – Deals with animation and VFXs.
Ethical Hacker – This is also becoming a widely searched and talked about role among Information Technology Jobs. The main role of ethical Hacker is to find the possible loopholes and security concerns that might be present in It projects like apps, websites and softwares.
Network Security Specialist
Hardware Engineer

Some more Specialized Information Technology jobs | Specialized IT jobs:

PC/Client Server Analyst
End User Technology Specialist
Information Systems Support Technician
Tech Support Specialist
IT Support Specialist
ERP/CRM/DW Applications and Management Consulting
Telecommunications network engineer
Data Center Support Specialist
Computer and Information Systems Manager