What Next After +2 Exam is over?

As the +2 exam is going to over soon, so the students get plenty of time before their Bachelor’s Degree class begins. And, one question arises in their mind i.e. “What to do in the 4 months long holiday”. One thing I can suggest them is, go for hot short-term IT Courses. Believe me, it will not only help you to create interest in IT sectors but can also provide you a job opportunity once you complete these certified courses.

Information Technology now lies at the heart of almost every business and every organization across the globe. By studying IT courses you will gain valuable technical and theoretical knowledge and qualifications which provide a gateway to further study or a rewarding career in various industries. If you see the current job market of Nepal, IT is one of the most charming industry where there is always scarcity of bonafide IT candidates. Further, this is one of the most promising Industry of Nepal which is multiplying day by day and had endless opportunities for long period of time. So, without any hesitation, students can go for these hot short term courses and get first hand advantages as early as possible.

Next, even for those students who are willing to go abroad, besides Driving & Cooking or Waiter courses, they can go for these short-term IT Courses which will definitely help them to link up with their Bachelor’s IT Degree Courses at abroad or might be helpful in getting part time job in the relevant field. So, for students traveling abroad for their higher studies, such short term IT courses can be truly beneficial in the long term plan.

Let’s have a look what are there HOT Short Term IT Courses are;

Short-Term Courses in IT for +2 Students

  1. Print & Design
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Digital Film Making
  4. Fundamentals of Programming
  5. Network Technology
  6. Ethical Hacking

# Print & Design: Graphical designing with use of mix-media has been a popular career choice in a wide array of fields such as advertising , printing, publishing and art. Harness your creativity with this course by understanding the concepts of typography, colors, layouts and photography with techniques to use them in various software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, Plugins etc.

# Digital Film Making: Film Making, as interesting and fascinating it seems to be, is all about story telling. This course, is all about stories- how to create, storyboard, composite, edit and share them online. With the help of Adobe and others industry standard software’s, create the wildest dream you have in mind.

# Digital Marketing: The world of marketing and advertising has moved rapidly from traditional media to digital media. Get proficient in Digital marketing by understanding concepts such as Search Engine Optimizations, Keyword management, data analysis, online advertising, analytics etc.

# Fundamentals of Programming: Fundamental of programming prepares student to take advanced courses in the field of programming, algorithms and databases. This course has a wholesome approach to give introduction on Coding Techniques, Programming Logic, Web Designing, Database Design and Markup Language.

# Network Technology: Establishing a network in wired and wireless medium is very common these days, learn practical learning networking, establish, configure routers and switches.

# Ethical Hacking: This course starts with the introduction, followed by the required software installations. You will learn about network and web scanning, deep scanning, deep scanning phases, hacking systems, different attacks and malware’s. You will also learn about Hijacking, Hacking Servers, Hacking Websites and SQL Injection.

Exclusive Benefits of these Courses;

The biggest part of studying these courses is practical. Doing an information technology course, you won’t just learn the theoretical part but also get the opportunity to make things. With that, you can change or adjust things and implement what you’ve learned. Knowledge is important to any career field. It’s sometimes better to see what you’re learning by actually doing it. That way you’ll remember things quicker and longer and become successful in your field. Next, benefit is, flexible work style. If you prefer working on your own, there are jobs out there in information technology allowing you to do so. You’ll be able to work according to your own schedules.

Lastly, today everything’s about technology. A qualification in Information Technology gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the continued high demand for skilled computing professionals. Demand comes from all areas, from businesses to organizations and the public sector, offering you an exciting choice of disciplines, experiences and careers. So, if you enjoy technology and specifically keeping up with the latest advances in the field of information technology, you can to turn your hobby into a career.

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