Increasing Craze of Pokemon Go in Nepal; Nepali Pokemon Hunters Are On The Rise

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It must be 1996 again in the streets and subways of Kathmandu if not whole Nepal, because the Pokemon craze has already entered the beautiful country of Nepal with many pokemons scattered in the landmarks of the country of Himalayas.

There are already a lot of Pokemon go players in Nepal that can be seen roaming in the streets staring at their mobile phones. Pokemon Go in Nepal is in becoming THE NEXT BIG THING inside the smartphones of Nepali Youths as it has already become in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Japan.

It’s been less than five days since Pokemon Go’s release, and the internet is full of Pokemon go memes, weird Pokemon news, and accidental discoveries more than a player can throw a Pokéball at. Although not being officially released in the play-store for Nepal and nearby countries, the craze is already in rise among youth. Many young boys and girls are seen staring at their mobile phones and roaming here and there near Basantapur, Jawalakhel and other places that used to be a chilling place after 5. Crowdy and rushy places like New Baneshesor, Koteswor, Darbur marg are also starting to witness the ultimate pokemon searchers in it’s streets. The players are increasing at a great pace which shows the increasing popularity of Pokemon Go in Nepal.

The game is still in its stages of infancy, and the makers; Niantic and Nintendo have future plans to add more features to the app to keep players hooked.The game is yet to be released in many countries. Now the game is available in play stores of certain countries only.

April Fools’ joke from Google Maps on 1st April 2014 (Pokemon Go release Joke on April fool day)

Do you remember when we all thought Pokémon Go was nothing but a big April Fools’ joke from Google Maps on 1st April 2014? So keep up with all the latest updates and take a look back on all the stories that developed along the way, starting from two years ago. Nepali players who are actively increasing their levels and started to fight in gyms say they are desperately waiting for the release of the Pokemon go in Nepal. The limited resources and less landmarks in cities of Nepal are limiting the excitement of Nepali players to a little extent.

Pokemon Go all over the Internet of Nepal

Many groups already active and popular in Facebook like “Pokemon Go in Nepal”, “pokemon go in Butwal”, Pokemon Go in Kathmandu”, “Pokemon Go Gyms Location Nepal”, “Pokemon Go Club Nepal” etc also proves how rapidly this interesting and innovative game is capturing the attention of Nepali game lovers. Things are getting more interesting as the google search terms like Pokemon Go cheats, Pokemon go tips and tricks, how to find pokemon without walking, location cheats for Pokemon Go etc are trending in Nepal. One of the Facebook pages related to Pokemon Go in Nepal has reported that it got 90+ messages within 4 hours of page creation without any paid Facebook promotion. The messages are maximum from Kathmandu but few messages are from small cities like Ilam, Tansen, Tamghas, panchthar, Lahan too. Except for Kathmandu young boys and few girls of major cities like Butwal, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Birjung and Dharan are also seen querying about the beautiful game.

Financial Times reports that the company plans on letting advertisers create sponsored locations (but low chances of happening in Nepal)

Pokémon Go has already brought in millions of users and tons of money to Nintendo. Now, just a week after its release, developer Niantic is preparing for its next big move. Financial Times reports that the company plans on letting advertisers create sponsored locations to drive both foot traffic and revenue. But this will take much time to happen here in Nepal. The aim is to cash in on the flood of Go players hunting for pokémon out in the real world, while advertisers promote their brands within the game. And unfortunately, there is less for Nepali players to offer the multi-million dollar foreign companies and the concept of gaming is not much popular among advertisers and publishers of Nepal. So the sponsored location might not actually happen in Nepal completely. But who knows the future, lets hope for the best.

The Latest and working (Updated) APK file for Pokemon Go that can be downloaded from Nepal

Nepali Android and IOS users can’t download the Pokemon Go game from playstore and App Store yet. But there are many websites offering the free APK files .The Latest and Working APK file to download Pokemon Go in Nepal: POKEMON GO APK FOR NEPAL

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  • I am a pokemon go player from Butwal. There are only 1 pokestop at golpark temple and one gym at siddhababa temple. any updates about gym and pokestop at Butwal. When will pokemon go officially release in nepal.

    • Kata basxau butwal ko timi?
      Ma Sukkhanagar ko ho..
      Are u sure that there is a gym in siddhababa and a pokestop in golpark.
      Ingress ma golpark euta portal ho.
      Ani ingress poni niantic le banayeko ho..
      Ingress le garda pokestops ko location taha hunxa k…
      Ani plz reply..
      I need to contact u..

  • I’ve downloaded pokemon go apk file and started playing it……but in the evening it said “under servicing “…..couldn’t find many locations too
    Praying for it to be released in Nepal soon❤

  • I am Kamal Thapa frm bhairahawa.I enjoyed the Game pokemon Go a lot so far,here I able to found 3 poke stops & 1 poke gym and searching for more. Also started a page in Fb ie.
    Pokèmon Go- Bhairahawa
    I got knw many tricks, info & ideas abt this game want to share with the game mates so pls join us and also share ur expriences and ideas of this game.
    My next stop is lumbini bcoz most poke stops and gyms are historical place momountes and temples and lumbini is full of it.

  • I am playing this game. I ever love this game. But for gym….i will hate this game becoz My home is in MATATIRTHA,KATHMANDU,NEPAL.
    And there is gym is too far from my home.
    there is no gym near home to join ever when i am is in ep lvl 5

  • man I cannot see not even one poke stop or a gym, not even a pokemon in my location moreover i dont think that its server is installed in nepal’s region. Any guesses

  • it’s to hard to play bcoz there is only 1location in birgunj for gym. that gym place is 3km far from countryside. plz niantic make more location in Birgunj of gym so it could be easy for we countryside people.

  • >