Important Factors Affecting Every Child Assessment Results

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Exams are very important; no educational system can be completed without a proper assessment system whether it is through written examination or by oral sessions. Teachers cannot judge a student’s performance without it. The academic results are prepared after several sessions of written and oral tests and students have to clear them under any circumstances. Any student who is unable to attempt these tests is declared incapable of promoting to next standard.

There are predefined objectives/goals which students have to achieve to progress to next level and certainly, it is not possible without a proper assessment. The study shows that no matter how reliable an assessment process is, there are certain factors which affect assessment results and many of them are uncontrollable. Due to this certain reason, assessment results are sometimes not reliable when teachers know that there are some issues which are influencing their class’s result. At different educational levels, these factors have been judged and discussed for the betterment of student’s performance. We are stating here a few factors which affect assessment results.

There are biological factors which are important when collecting assessment results and a teacher must know about them. For example, physical and mental age/health of the student, physical impairments like hearing, seeing and speech in capability, diseases, sleep deprivation, legal and illegal use of medication and many other factors are enlisted in this category. There are a few factors that can be controlled like drug addiction, depression control, and a few diseases but a few other like physical disabilities are uncontrollable.

Some students cannot perform quite well when there is a change in examination pattern right at the assessment’s time. They find themselves confused and unable to attempt questions like they were supposed to do. This factor can be controlled if there is consistency in the educational system.

Sometimes students use their financial resources to get good marks while some other students cannot do so. For example, a student gets help from online assignment writing services where professional write their assignments and they score A grade without any effort. There are some fellow students who do not have enough resources to use such services so it affects their CGP.

Unfair means using in examination hall affect the assessment results badly. When the checking system doesn’t work properly, some students manage to cheat and score high grades while other students score lesser than those who copied their answers.

University additionally assumes an essential part in every student life for accomplishing better Grades. According to Ignou result it has been observed that their instructor’s and university strictly monitors their understudy’s education which helps their students in achieving better grades.

There is another major factor which has been affecting assessment result and that is a lack of guidance. Some students who unluckily get into a class where the teacher is not that efficient, it will cause a negative effect on their performance. Same is the case with the part of guidance which they might be getting from their parents. All of the parents are not able to help their kids with their studies. It also decreases the chances of getting high grades.

All of the above-given factors are considered as the major obstacles for getting accurate assessment results. This scenario can be changed to a large extent if we can control the changeable factors. It is not a single sided contribution; a student, his parents, his fellows, and teachers, all can take part to do good to our assessment system.

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