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Career is an important part of one’s life since it will be the life of the person thereafter. Right from childhood, everyone has a dream about his or her career. When they grow up, their career dream becomes more specified. A person selects a course relevant to his career. After finishing graduation, most probably the next step is to find a job. Finding a job may seem easy or difficult, but it depends on how the person prepared for that.

Select Your Field

Some people dream and pursue the same career from the early years. Some people change their decision in their schooldays and choose the group according to it. Some people get the chance to study what they love and some do not. Some people do the job related to what they studied and some do the other way round. So, first, select the sector you love to work. You have to choose the field you have learnt. Surely, an employer will expect his employee to have the relevant qualification. You cannot choose a sector totally irrelevant to what you learnt. However, the course you have studied itself gives a wide range of opportunities. You can stick to a single job or can try for a variety of jobs in your field. If you are already a working person and want to switch over the field, then think twice, seek the help of an advisor and take a wise decision. Because you can do any jobs, but your career will be the one you love.

Have an Updated Resume

The employer first sees a resume, before seeing the candidate in person. A resume is a personalized candidate. So make your resume catchy, updated and genuine. Prepare a good resume that appeals to the employer and should be in a good format. The resume should be kept updated with all of the recent achievements and contributions. Ask a professional to go through your resume and get it checked. Before applying to any job, revise the resume and make necessary changes according to the job applying for. Keep your resume handy in a laptop or in the mail, in order to send it at earliest.

Improve Your Skills

Once you get into job searching, you will realize that mere possession of graduation is not enough. Having extra skills related to your field, certificates in diploma courses, computer knowledge, qualified in competitive exam or skill tests will distinguish and elevate a person from other graduates. Allot some time to do certificate courses while doing or finished your studies. Improve your professional skills to enrich you. Paper presentation, attending seminars, training programme, workshops, competitions always add credit to you. So pay attention to and off examination for a better profile.

Keep In Touch With Contacts

A good network will help you catch a profession. Meet or contact your supervisors, professors, advisors to get ideas about your career. Contact with the personalities of your field to know about the changes, improvements and opportunities in your sector. Even if you cannot contact them often, keep in touch with them, lest if there are any opportunities, you will come first to their mind.

Be Ready For Interview

At the time of searching for a job, you would have sent your resume to many companies, updated your resume in many job portals. So, you will be called for an interview at any time. That’s why you should always be prepared for an interview. Keep your documents, certificates safely in a separate file. Have a set of your passport size photo and photocopies of your document. Arrange your documents in an order that starts from the recent one and keep the photocopies and original separately. That’s how you can prevent the hullabaloo the day before the interview. If you are applying to a company, search and learn about the company. Because the employer will want to know, how far you know about the company. A perfect presentation is halfway to the interview. Invest some money in buying a formal suit apt for the interview. Keep the attire ready all time. Attend mock interviews, which are held even in online. This will give you the practice on how to attend the interview. Prepare answers for frequently asked questions in an interview like “Tell about yourself” or “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” Talk before the mirror to increase confidence.

How to Get Government Jobs

Getting a government job is a dream for many. But only a few strives after that. Proper preparation will help you pursue your dream. If you are after government jobs, choose which category you are going to write because every government sectors have an individual set of syllabus and exam pattern. Then know the syllabus for the examination from the respective official website. Go through the syllabus and collect the needed materials. Visit the official websites or job portals often to get the notification of the examination. The notification will clearly tell the date of exam, date to apply, eligibility criteria, syllabus, age limit and relaxation and so on. If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, you can apply before the last date. But you need not wait for the notification to know the syllabus and to study. You can download it from previous notification, but it is very important to verify the present notification.

Download/collect the question papers of Yester year’s examination. This will help you prepare well. Apart from studying books, concentrate equally on current affairs, reasoning, and logic, since it forms the major part of the question paper. Write a mock examination to manage time. Some exam has only one level. The selected candidates will be appointed after Document Verification and counselling. Some exams have stags of selection like preliminary, mains, physical test and interview. In that case, get prepared for all the stages. Do not wait for the result of the preliminary to come. It will only delay your preparation. If you are so unsure about your performance, you can check it out when the answer key released. Continuously prepare for the next stages. Once the result comes, you can easily pass on to the next stage. Even if you have not passed out, you can certainly succeed next time by the continuous effort and work. If you are trying for a post that necessitates physical fitness, concentrate on your physique side by side. Spend a considerable amount of time to study. Because how much you invest your effort, that much you will get success.