All About Geological Studies in Nepal

Basic Introduction of Geological studies and related subjects | Job prospects | future after completing the Geology course | Jobs | Cost to study | colleges and Universities offering Geological studies in Nepal | Salary scale and future/ career prospects for Geologists in Nepal

Geological studies is basically the study of the Earth. It includes study about most of the components of earth including its origin too. The geological studies includes study of the different physical and chemical changes that has been going on in the history of earth and has resulted into the earth we see it as how it looks today. Geology includes the artful mixture of chemistry,physics and engineering studies to interpret the nature, origin and usefulness of different things like minerals, rocks, soils, oceans, groundwater and atmosphere. Not only this geological studies include a study of different natural hazards like volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, storms etc and their studies including the causes of these, effects of these hazards on the structure and processes on earth and their future predictions according to the data they gain from the previously occurred ones and its studies.

Geological studies is meant to be for the keenly interested and curious minds that want to know about earth. The different processes ongoing in it and the theories related to the origin of earth, the periods that have passed along with the lives and structures that were then present and how the earth today seen has gained its structure. Things like who existed before us and what would happen to us and what could be the cause of anything that would bring about a change on earth. Similarly what major events could bring about a total change in the present situation of earth. Geological studies are concerned with all these kinds of queries and the search of answers studying the details on earth only. The study of the present situation of things on earth regarding the state of rocks and remains of fossils from Everest peaks to the ocean beds are the proofs for the geologists to conclude factual things about earth.

geological studies in nepalThere are three colleges providing Geological Studies in Nepal conducted under the affiliation of TU only. They are:

Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus, Kathmandu

Birendra Multiple Campus, Chitwan

Central Campus of Technology, Dharan

And there is just a campus providing the geological studies at Masters Level and it is also affiliated to TU which is TU Institute of Science & Technology at Kirtipur.

Eligibility for Geological studies in Nepal:

For enrollment into the Geology programme at bachelors, one needs to have passed +2 in Science stream. And the entrance examination needs to be passed conducted by TU. The students are selected on the basis of the merit list.

For enrollment into the Geological programme at masters level in TU one needs to have completed the BSc. Geology from TU or any other equivalent university or institution.And the students are selected on the basis of the entrance examination from the merit list in a limited seats of 30 students only.

Scope of Geological studies in Nepal / Abroad:

Studying Geology has got scopes in different aspects of earth related studies ranging from earth history studies to the elements and materials present on earth like the minerals, fossils, underground water reservoirs,etc. All these creates scopes in studying specializations in many subjects like paleontology and mineral studies and so on whereas creates opportunities to working in the mineral extracting companies, oil companies, hazard detection like that in earthquake known as seismology departments ,becoming a geographer and a oceanographer.

Many countries these days look forward for geologists because Geology studies the earth in details from the processes on earth to the studies of metals and other minerals on earth as well as in space these days. And for these the geologists are medium for carrying out different activities from construction to mapping different regions on earth and production works from mining to the quality detectors in the mineral extracting departments.

Cost to study Geological studies in Nepal:

The government Colleges don’t charge much and the study charges are same like the Science studying charges in Nepal.

The cost of studying geology ranges from US $8,000 to US $15,000 per annum depending upon the country and colleges and the level in studies ie. either masters or bachelors.

Further study Options after Bachelor in Geological studies and Masters in Geological studies in Nepal:

There are provision for bachelor level studies, Master Level Studies and PhD level studies in the Geological Studies. However only the Bachelor level studies in geology and Master level studies in Geology are available in Nepal.

There are many colleges in the international level that conduct the bachelor to the PhD level studies in this Geology studies.These colleges abroad are somewhat more advanced in the geological studies because of the modern equipment and a more interaction with the practical fields like the visits to the oil production and processing and mineral extraction sites and the Seismological departments and the paleontologist research fields and several other hazard departments.

Jobs After Completing Geology:

Basically there are three types of geological fields that provide jobs ie. an actual geologist, applied geologist and environmental geologist.

The jobs of geologists varies from the jobs in government sectors to various NGOs and INGOs as well as like teachers in the colleges.

The geologists are mainly seen working as geographers, oceanographers, seismologists, independent researchers,paleontologists, meteorologists,advisers for the construction of roads and buildings alongside engineers and architects, as advisers in the oil production companies and mining industries as well as in the metal extracting companies,etc

Remuneration / Salary scale of Geologists in Nepal and abroad:

At national level geologists might get an income of around starting with 25-30 thousands depending upon the experience and qualification and the scale of project as there are no big geological projects in Nepal.

But in the International scale geologists earn up to US$ 62,000 per annum on average to US$1,20,000 per annum depending upon the project scale and the experience and qualification of the geologist themselves.

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