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  • What is the lock floor

    Posted by Qizhenbi Qi on July 10, 2017 at 7:15 am

    What is the lock floor
    Lock the floor, also known as mandarin duck buckle, the button type close together to overcome the majority of the floor by the outside hot and cold wet and wet changes in the process, resulting in the seam, warping drums and other issues, in the pavement process, , Free plastic, keel-free, laying directly on the ground, saving the height of the room, and can be repeated use of dismantling, economical and practical, than the conventional floor per square to save pavement costs about 20 yuan.holly and teak boat floor

    Ordinary flat mouth to strengthen the floor in the pavement need to use adhesive connection, but the adhesive contains formaldehyde and other chemical composition, with more likely to cause indoor pollution, with less afraid of the connection is not strong. Locking the floor due to the role of the force, even if the glue-free pavement, seams are also very close, not because of changes in temperature rise or cracking and other issues.Light Weight Alternative To Concrete Pavers

    Compared to other flooring, we can find that the floor of the pavement so that the floor so that the floor is very little formaldehyde content, in fact, the safety of formaldehyde is that we all in the purchase of the floor will take into account the problem, if the floor The formaldehyde content exceeded, even if this floor is very good, we will not choose to buy.
    Lock the floor will not change because of the temperature rise or cracking and other issues also makes her own life is very long, so now the market prospects of the lock floor is very broad.outdoor deck boxes sale

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