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  • Kamal Kc

    May 13, 2016 at 9:59 am

    Film making studies is really an interesting subject to be studied if you are interested at capturing moments. And yes of course there’s a college in Nepal only named Oscar International College affiliated to Tribhuwan University which is basically providing a bachelors degree in film making studies. It is a three year course which was introduced by College Of Film Industries for the first time in Nepal and to get enrolled into the bachelors programme you need to complete +2 level studies in any discipline.

    This course mainly aims at developing essential practical skills and knowledge required to work in the dynamic area of film and television production.It is a step wise study and hence it gradually helps in developing the professional skills. Since you are interested in TV / Films it might be a good subject for you to study as you could come out with really good results. It is not generally a theoritical subject instead it is a subject in fusion of the art and technology which makes it even more interesting to study.

    And there are even good scopes of studying this study program because it not only opens a platform in the film and TV productions but also provides knowledge on being a good critic. You could be able to pursue so many careers from becoming directors, actors, editors and cameraman and scriptwriters and media and cinema critics and so much more. And you could work in journalism also.

    So going abroad is up to you and it might be even better if you could study in abroad because its study is so modernized there and u could be learning under some internationally renowned people with the latest technologies too but never the less studying in one’s own homeland is not a bad option…well everything is up to you…..
    Thank You 🙂

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