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  • Pratigya Shiwakoti

    September 9, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    To manage time
    1. Make a schedule::oo my god i hate schedules☺😊yes it is a problem for all…no people want to make a daily routine or schedule..but trust me it is the main idea to manage your time..even if you can make routine more interesting than it would be better because even you want to follow it..
    2. Wake up early:: upps😲early..really may fell it but Woking upearly make our body fresh and also good for that you can manage your time from beginning of a day…
    3. By utilizing time:: it is a must important thing to do…if we do some creative work in the free time our time may managed…
    4. By not spending more time in unnecessary things:: you may think what may be this unnecessary things…so it is my favourite tv,mobile,video games ,parties,gossip chatting and dating, some stress… ..etc. yes this one is quite difficult…but you known there is no thing impossible 😁😃😎..
    5. Be punctual::: I want everything in timeeeee😎😎😎👊👊wala action…
    Aru ta kehi xa vhana u could do…

  • Gita Airi

    November 24, 2020 at 5:22 am


    Time flies – always. That makes time a variable that can be hard to control and monitor. And once time has slipped away, you never get it back.

    Being conscious of time will result in self-improvement and goal achievement. That’s true in both your work and personal life. There are some tips below:

    1. Have a Time Check

    Know exactly how you spend your time.You should know the tasks that are stealing your time. Then you can do something about it. For example, you may be spending an hour on social media instead of completing important assignment. Knowing exactly where your time is going can help you make decisions about delegating tasks.

    2. Set a Time Limit

    Setting a time limit for a task can be fun. In fact, it can be like a game. Some companies actually divide employees into groups, and the group that finishes a project or task first gets a reward. You can apply this principle to any task. Set a definite time limit, such as an hour or two. Then try to finish the task within the allotted time, and feel the excitement as you do it.

    3. Use Software Tools for Time Management

    Technology is more sophisticated at managing time. Various apps even help track employees’ time so that you can monitor their check-ins and check-outs. The internet offers a variety of apps and tools, and some are useful for business management, especially for monitoring and assessing daily processes.

    4. Have a To-Do List

    Having a list is always a time saver. If you have a list, you’ll never have to wonder what’s on the daily agenda or what to do next. Indeed, a list keeps you focused and motivated, focused on feeling that sweet satisfaction every time you tick off a task from your list. Lists also let you see – and monitor – your progress. Even if you’re surrounded by distractions, your list will keep you on the right track.

    5. Plan Ahead

    Planning ahead is a critical part of time management. Ideally, you should plan ahead for the week or at least the day before. When you know exactly what needs to get done for the day or week, you’ll stay organised and focused. You can break tasks across days to see, in advance, how much time is needed to complete a project. Even spending just a few minutes planning ahead can transform how you work.

    6. Start with Your Most Important Tasks

    Do your most important tasks in the morning. All those stressful tasks, the big bulk of your work, the hardest tasks – do them in the morning. The reason is simple. You have the most energy in the morning, so you will be able to tackle the tasks efficiently and competently. Plus, the feeling of accomplishment at getting the most important stuff done first will make the rest of the day that much better.

    7. Delegate and Outsource

    You can’t do everything by yourself, so cut yourself some slack and delegate. Maybe it’s time for you to train someone to do some simple processes in your work or office. That frees you up to focus on the bigger projects or the more complicated tasks. You can even outsource the work to an experienced freelancer and save money.

    8. Focus on One Task at a Time

    If you have chosen to do a task, see it through to the end – finish it. Avoid doing half work, which means abandoning your current task and doing something else entirely. One example of half-work is writing a report then suddenly checking your email for no reason and writing replies. That’s not only bad time management but also bad for your concentration. You’ll lose your momentum. Focus on the task at hand, and avoid these pitfalls.

    9. Make Some Changes in Your Schedule

    If you feel more energized at certain times of the day, change your schedule to embrace that. Make the most of your time. Some people are more energized in the morning, while some are night owls. When you choose the best time schedule for you, you’ll enjoy the benefits of being able to do more.

    10. Avoid Perfection

    Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, as they say. Avoid over analyzing everything you do. That doesn’t mean be careless, however. Do your best – always. But perfection can drag you down, so don’t think about it. Once you’ve finished a task and given it your best, you have to move on.

    Whatever tips or tools you use, use your time wisely, but also make time for rest and relaxation to keep you happy and motivated all throughout your life.