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  • MBA in Marketing Vs MBA in Finance in Nepal. Details please

    Posted by Kiran Thapa on February 9, 2016 at 5:26 am

    Which MBA between MBA in Marketing and MBA in Finance in Nepal is better looking at different prospective? And what are the major similarities and differences between these two MBAs. Can I do MBA in Finance now and get exemptions to get a MBA in marketing degree from any universities of Nepal? Regarding abroad, I think MBA of Nepal is not given much importance or credibility( my friends in abroad say so often). However, if I think of settling or going abroad for study and earning money which specialization between these two will make my CV look better in Abroad. Personally I like marketing subject in my bachelors because it is easy to pass but there might be many different in Masters. I have decided to go for MBA degree from any good college of Kathmandu from next admission session and have chance to choose between these two so I would like to know from seniors and MBA graduates/students about these two course specializations. And please don’t suggest me to choose between that I like the most and what I am comfortable at. I am comfortable in finance as well as theory and marketing. I won’t choose between these courses based in the easiness to complete. I need a guidance based on the future job scopes, availability of quality teachers etc for these MBA courses in Nepal.
    Regards and thanks in advance,

    Subodh Regmi replied 8 years ago 2 Members · 1 Reply
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  • Subodh Regmi

    February 22, 2016 at 11:15 am

    According to changeable time and generation, it is not so specific to say that which one is better between MBA in Finance and MBA in Marketing. According to demand of market we can say that there is a good scope of MBA in finance. Because, in Nepal, business with marketing skills are highly demanded, as in Nepal, there are not so much educated business person but they want to hire educated and marketing skilled employee. As from different prospects MBA in finance can be in propose of leading.
    Between MBA in Finance and MBA in Marketing one think is very similar and important through skill point of view which is good communication skill, reasoning skill, quick problem solving skill, making and implementing decisions. And different is MBA in finance should be good with numbers and attention to details where MBA in marketing should have to be creativity, logical approach, zeal to sell, smart marketing techniques.
    Career prospect in MBA in Finance: The important role is to plan strategies to raise capital and business from different sources for effective funding of projects, work in banks and financial institutions as well as accountancy firms. As the Students with a MBA in Finance degree can work as a finance manager, budget analyst and finance head Officer. It is the responsibility of finance manager to make sure that organisation act on the basis of preset budget. Finance manager also need to interact with the investors on a regular basis because they are the one that provides funds to business projects. Similarly, Career prospects of MBA in Marketing: Designing for innovative promotional strategies that cuts across people and defies market conditions to bring business in profits all time (Season/ off season). Marketing team helps in upbringing in sales money, which is important to runs the organisation. A student with MBA in Marketing can work as a marketing manager/ head, brand manager, market research analyst and new product manager. Candidates with profound knowledge in finance can also look for the job opportunities available as strategic or market planning executives.
    As CV point of view, MBA degree always look better but it is difficult to say which one would be better to move abroad with MBA Degree between these two subject. If you want to search a good paying job then I think MBA in Finance would be better but it’s not because this subject is hard to study then MBA in Marketing, it’s because you can get job fast if you have a MBA in finance degree I think. If you are wanting to study both then also it is okay to have degree and knowledge about both subjects. As there are many colleges with quality teachers who can provide you with quality educations inside and outside the valley with TU affiliation.
    Compare to Bachelor’s study, it is not so much different in MBA in fact the syllabus are also not very much different but it’s advance marketing in Master’s level.
    In my opinion it would be better if you study MBA in finance because marketing subject is easy to complete plus many students try for MBA in marketing so think again nicely and join an affiliated college wherever you get inside and outside of valley (Kathmandu).

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