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  • Suju Bhattarai

    May 26, 2018 at 7:28 am

    Master of Nursing is a two years program designed to prepare a competent health professional who are capable to deal with the complex health situation, serve in local, national or international health settings. Students will learn to work hand on hand with other health professional and provide the best service possible. The course provides students with the theoretical knowledge of sickness and health and how they should care the patients. You will be honored with the degree after completing around eight-hundred of clinical placement hours.

    Apart from the clinical care, students have to undertake subjects such as leadership in health care, healthcare systems, illness experiences, social context of health & illness, research & evidence-based practice, pharmacology and human biology. Students will also be provided with the knowledge about the ethical & legal issues in healthcare.

    After completing the course of the study, students will be eligible to apply for the registration. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia is responsible to provide the registration. Graduates with degree have a wide career scope as the health center in the Australia is constantly seeking for the competent health professionals. The graduates with this degree can work in the city or rural government, public health, armed forces, pharmaceutical industry, tertiary education, armed forces, government or private departments.

    Since you have wanted to know the postgraduate nursing courses offered at the Australian university. I have listed a few:
    Clinical midwifery
    Nursing – Specialization
    Autism Diagnosis
    Nurse Practitioner (Mental Health)
    Mental Health Nursing
    Emergency Nursing
    Advanced Nursing Practice
    Critical Care Nursing
    Mental Health Nursing
    Acute Care Nursing
    Nursing (Advanced Practice)
    Nursing Science (Orthopedic Nursing)
    Burn and Trauma Rehabilitation
    Health (Advanced Clinical Practice)
    Leadership and Management
    Children and Young People’s Nursing
    Emergency Nursing
    Nursing Science
    Clinical Nursing
    Nursing Science (Intensive Care Nursing)
    Diabetes Education
    Intensive Care Nursing
    Nursing Science (Renal Nursing)
    Medical Science
    Health (Scheduled Medicines)
    Disability Studies
    Nursing Science (Cardiac Nursing)
    Nursing Science (Acute Care Nursing)
    Health (GCHH)
    Mental Health Nursing and Allied Health
    Nursing Aged-Care
    Nursing Science (Anaesthetics and Recovery Nursing)
    Nursing Science (Oncology Nursing)
    Master of Philosophy – Faculty of Medicine, Nursing, and Health Sciences
    Health (Rural and Remote: Incorporating Scheduled Medicines)
    Specialist Paramedic Practice
    Applied Management (Nursing)
    Nursing Science (Perioperative Nursing)

    Some major universities offering Master program in Nursing:
    University of Southern Queensland
    La Trobe University
    University of Adelaide
    James Cook University
    University of Technology Sydney – UTS
    University of Wollongong
    Edith Cowan University
    Victoria University
    The University of Queensland
    University of New South Wales – UNSW
    Murdoch University
    RMIT University (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University)
    University of Canberra
    Flinders University
    University of New England (UNE)
    Federation University Australia
    University of Sunshine Coast
    Curtain University
    Open Universities Australia
    GradSchool (The University of Newcastle)
    Avondale College of Higher Education

    Now talking about which place or university will be ideal for you its up to you to deicide. But while keep in mind how much cost you are ready to pay, weather you want to study in main city or countryside. All most all the renowned universities offer nursing programs and of different type, decide which course will fit your need. Living cost in the city is bit higher than the country side but finding job in city is more easier as well.

    Yes it is compulsory to obtain 7 in each band in IELTS to be eligible to apply for the Master in Nursing.

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